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Form A/B Testing

Test variations of your form against each other to discover new ways to boost your conversion rates.

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Just a few simple changes to your form can affect conversion rates, but it's important to know which tweaks are worth it. To help you make the right decisions, Formstack's A/B Testing tool let's you test form elements against each other to see which performs best with your audience. Better yet, there's no need to mess with any code. A/B testing with Formstack is easy and user-friendly for anyone.

How to unlock the power of Form A/B Testing:

This feature is only available as part of the Conversion Kit Add-On page.

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Create high-converting forms by testing the following elements:

How it works
How It Works

Step 1: Add the A/B Testing tool to your form, and name your "B" variant to create the test.

Step 2: Modify your "B" variant by tweaking a field, the submit button, or another element.

Step 3: Activate your test, wait for submissions, and compare the forms against each other.

To learn more about setup, please read this Help article. You can also check out the video below to learn how to test you way to a higher conversion rate.

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