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Protect that data.


Encrypt your notification emails with PGP email encryption. Encrypt the sensitive information in your online Formstack database, and it will be so secure that if you lose your password not even the Formstack staff can access it!

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Data Encryption

Use Data Encryption to encrypt sensitive form information in Formstack’s online database. Encrypting your data ensures no one but you can read it. This is absolutely necessary if you are collecting sensitive information like credit card and social security numbers. So, if you need to create HR forms, payment forms, contracts, etc, be sure to keep that data safe with encryption.

Formstack’s Data Encryption is so secure, that not even Formstack can access your form data without the correct password!

PGP Email Encryption

PGP Email Encryption lets you encrypt sensitive form data that you send through email. Enabling Formstack PGP Email Encryption will encrypt any notification emails sent from the Formstack database. Remember, you MUST use PGP Email Encryption if you are emailing sensitive data to yourself. You do not need to enable PGP if you are sending a link to saved data, or if you are not sending collected data to any email recipients.

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You can learn more about enabling Data Encryption and PGP Email Encryption by visiting our Support site.

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