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Data Encryption

Protect your form data with advanced encryption technology.

Data Encryption

Add an extra layer of protection to your online forms by encrypting sensitive information in Formstack's online database. Data Encryption lets you set a password for your form so only you or a select group of people can access it. This is required if you're collecting personal data like credit card or social security numbers. The encryption tool is so secure, that not even Formstack can access your information without the correct password.

Use Data Encryption to protect multiple types of information, including:

  • Personal employee data on HR forms
  • Credit card information on payment forms
  • Sensitive data in contracts or waivers

How It Works

To enable form encryption, go to "Security" under the Settings tab of your form and click "Encrypt Saved Data" in the Password & Encryption Settings box. You'll be prompted to create a password. Since the Formstack team can't retrieve this password for you, be sure to save it in a safe place.

For more information, please read this Help article.

PGP Email Encryption

PGP Email Encryption is a security measure that lets you encrypt form data sent through email. When you enable this tool, all notification emails from the Formstack database will be encrypted. Just like regular encryption, PGP is required if you're emailing sensitive data to yourself or others. You do not need to enable PGP Email Encryption if you are sending a link to saved data.

How It Works

To enable email encryption, go to "Security" under the Settings tab of your form and click "Encrypt Notification Emails with PGP." You'll be prompted to copy and paste your public PGP Key.

For more information, please read this Help article.

Superior Form Security

Formstack is packed with security tools to help you keep your data safe. Browse through our other security tools here.

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