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Learn MORE from the data you collect

Formstack gives you massive, data-crunching form analytics every time you log in. For each form, you will see details for unique views, conversion rate, and abandonment rate. Formstack's in-app analytics also provide information about Field Bottlenecks, the fields that cause users to leave your form. Leverage this data to improve your form and increase conversions.

Our in-app analytics also reveal top referral sites to help you determine which website pages are most effective in promoting your form, so you can optimize winning pages.

To access even deeper form analytics, activate our Google Analytics integration. Google Analytics is the industry standard for web tracking. Access more form data such as:

  • Where is your form traffic originating?
  • How long do visitors remain on your form?
  • What devices are used to view your form?
Form analytics overview in Formstack

Visual data ready-to-go

Formstack builds custom visual reports with just a few clicks. Choose what data you want to display and instantly view beautiful charts and graphs. Powerful reporting is presentation-ready with clean, data-driven visuals.

Don’t forget to check out our informative guide on Why Should I Track My Form in Google Analytics.

Form analytics visual data is presentation ready

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