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Gather actionable insights from your form data to improve conversion rates and optimize your marketing strategy.

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To help you gather helpful insights from your forms, Formstack gives you massive, data-crunching form analytics every time you log in. For each form, you can view metrics like unique views, conversion rate, and abandonment rate to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns. Our platform analytics dashboard also reveals the top referral sites for each form so you can optimize winning pages.

Visual data ready-to-go

Use Formstack's reporting tools to build custom visual reports in just a few clicks. Choose what data you want to display, and instantly view beautiful charts and graphs. Our powerful reporting tools let you share presentation-ready data with managers and other team members through clean visuals.

Additional Analytics Features

Use the following form analytics features to gather deeper insights from your forms. These features are only available with Formstack's Conversion Kit.

Field Bottlenecks

In addition to Formstack's standard platform analytics, you can activate the Field Bottlenecks feature to pinpoint trouble areas on your form. Find the fields that cause users to leave your form so you can optimize and boost conversion rates.

Google Analytics

To access even deeper form analytics, activate our Google Analytics integration. Google Analytics is the industry standard for web tracking. Answer deep data questions like:

For more information on using Google Analytics with online forms, check out this helpful guide: Why Should I Track My Form in Google Analytics.

UTM Tracking

Formstack's UTM Tracking feature lets you attribute form submissions to different marketing campaigns so you can track your efforts and optimize your strategy. Identify and scale successful campaigns to improve your conversion rates and boost revenue.

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