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Features Field Validation

Field Validation

Auto-validate important form fields to get clean, error-free data.

Make sure you get the right data the first time with Formstack’s Form Field Validation feature. Our real-time field validation lets you gather data in the format you choose so you can improve your data quality and create a better overall form experience. You’ll never need to correct a submission or ask someone to re-submit a form ever again!

Use Formstack's Form Field Validation feature to:

  • Prevent erroneous data (like misspelled addresses or poorly formatted phone numbers) from entering your CRM
  • Ensure your payment integrations with providers like PayPal and Chargify run smoothly with valid credit card numbers
  • Eliminate invalid emails and fraudulent submissions from your database

Our Field Validation feature can validate the following fields:

  • Credit Card
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Date

How It Works

To validate your form fields with Formstack, all you have to do is click the “Validate” checkbox when formatting a field, or choose your preferred format from a dropdown list. An error message will pop up if someone tries to submit data in the wrong format.

For more information on form field validation, please see our Support page.

Email Verification

Formstack has a special integration with BriteVerify that allows you to validate email addresses in real-time. Learn more by visiting our BriteVerify integration page.

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Phone number form field validation

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