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Microsoft Dynamics Zap Integration

Automate your lead collection by using optimized online forms to send new leads to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Keeping track of leads is tough when you don't have an automated way to collect those leads. Which is why we created this handy integration with Zapier. With the Formstack Dynamics CRM Zap, you can build powerful online forms for your marketing campaigns that attract leads and send them directly to Dynamics each time a submission comes through. Not only will you get more leads in your system, but you'll also save loads of time on manual data entry.

With the Formstack Microsoft Dynamics CRM Zap, you can:

  • Create optimized sign-up forms, event registrations, and more for your marketing campaigns
  • Update your Dynamics lists with new leads
  • Save time on manual data entry

What You Need

To access the Formstack Microsoft Dynamics CRM Zap, you need:

  • Formstack account
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM account (Must be paid)
  • Zapier account (Must be paid)

What are Zapier and Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Not familiar with either Zapier or Microsoft Dynamics? Here's what you need to know.

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Zapier is a web automation app that lets you create custom integrations between platforms. The possibilities of what you can create are literally endless!

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer resource management and enterprise resource planning software. Use it for marketing, sales, service, and more.

Formstack and Dynamics In Action

Read more about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM zap on Zapier's Support page.

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