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Streamline your onboarding process

Create a smooth, engaging new hire experience that saves time and exceeds employee expectations.

Automate your onboarding workflow

Are clunky, outdated processes slowing down your HR team? With Formstack, you can create seamless workflows that expedite onboarding and improve the new hire experience. Simplifying time-consuming tasks in your onboarding process will give you more time for relationship building and collaborating with stakeholders across your business.

Fast, easy employee onboarding

With these employee onboarding tools, you’ll save time, better meet employee needs, and improve retention.
Seamless data capture
Seamless data capture

Shift to mobile-friendly HR forms to reduce manual data entry and save hundreds of hours each month.

Easy document creation
Easy document creation

Automatically populate new hire paperwork like W4s, agreements, and checklists with data and deliver them to new employees.

Quick eSignature collection
Quick eSignature collection

Let employees electronically sign documents from anywhere on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. No paperwork needed!

Seamless data capture
Secure data sharing

​​Safely share and collaborate on new hire information across managers and departments with intuitive logic and routing tools.

Onboarding workflow automation
Onboarding workflow automation

Eliminate paper and messy email threads by creating an employee portal that lets you group onboarding forms together and set deadlines.

Robust data security
Robust data security

Protect employee data with powerful security features, including data encryption, SSL, reCAPTCHA, and several types of compliance.

Create a seamless new hire experience

With Formstack’s automation tools, you can create a smooth onboarding process in minutes. No coding or technical knowledge required.

The HR team kicks off its employee onboarding process by putting forms in a central hub. This eliminates the need for paper and messy email threads by letting them group onboarding forms together, provide deadlines, and send email reminders—all in one place.


A link to the onboarding hub is sent to a new hire, allowing them to view all forms and due dates in a single location. The new employee is able to quickly complete contracts, handbook acknowledgments, IT checklists, and other forms on any device.


The employee’s form submissions are automatically routed to the appropriate team members and departments for review and approvals. The contract and handbook are sent to HR and the employee’s manager, and the IT checklist is sent to the IT department.


PDF versions of new employee documents are automatically generated based on the employee’s submitted information. These are sent to the employee’s email for their review and signature. Signed documents are then delivered to the HR team’s Google Drive.


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