Simplify your healthcare data collection.

Use Formstack's secure electronic medical forms to collect and share healthcare information. Eliminate tedious paper-based processes and create exceptional patient experiences.

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Eight of the 10 largest nonprofit hospital systems in the U.S. use Formstack's healthcare automation tools.

Ascension Health
Trinity Health
Kaiser Permanente
Dignity Health
Advent Health
Sutter Health
Northwell Health
Banner Health
Exceed compliance standards

Exceed compliance standards.

Eliminate paperwork and reduce security risks with Formstack's HIPAA compliant forms. Encrypt patient data, control who views sensitive information, and track user activity. Store files in Formstack's secure database, export submissions, or send data to a third party via our HIPAA compliant integrations or open API.

Improve patient experiences

Improve patient experiences.

Enhance patient intake and reduce frustration by streamlining paper registration into one online form that's accessible from any device at any time. Improve your services further by collecting feedback with patient satisfaction surveys.

Quickly produce documentation

Quickly produce documentation.

Use the data collected on your medical forms to implement healthcare document automation for patients, doctors, and staff. Easily capture electronic signatures on important documents using our secure eSignature solution, then store them in our HIPAA compliant online file storage.

Boost efficiency with workflows

Boost efficiency with workflows.

Streamline behind-the-scenes operations like invoicing, inventory management, HR, contracts, medical claims, and credentialing. Create dynamic workflows in minutes that flow across departments and help you quickly complete repetitive tasks.


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Nearly 25% of American healthcare spending is wasteful. The biggest culprit is administrative costs, which total $266 billion a year. Minimize waste at your organization by investing in multi-purpose healthcare automation tools that minimize complexity and automate manual tasks.

Medical forms ready to go in minutes.

Improve information accuracy and eliminate avoidable costs by turning these paper-based processes into digital ones:

Automate time-consuming tasks with powerful healthcare automation tools.

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Chris Bojrab, President of Indiana Health Group

"Formstack's intuitive interface helps us build and modify a variety of medical forms used daily in our practice. We use Formstack to collect new patient data and route patient communication forms to medical assistants, the front office, billing, and administration. This design flexibility and the ability to create customized notifications saves us an incredible amount of time and money."

Chris Bojrab
at President of Indiana Health Group

Take the complexity out of healthcare data collection.

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