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Formstack for Salesforce makes healthcare automation a seamless experience through powerful data collection, document generation, and digital signatures.
100% native form builder
100% native form builder

Our Salesforce form builder is 100% native, meaning you can avoid the hassle of ever having to map fields or sync data.

Progressive data capture
Progressive data capture

Continuously build upon your patient database without having to complete repetitive Salesforce forms.

Automated document creation
Automated document creation

Use the data you collect from medical forms to auto-generate custom healthcare documents and deliver them to patients with the click of a button, through a form submission, or after a record change.

100% native form builder
Digital signature collection

Automatically populate data into multiple documents at once and send them to patients and staff to sign from any device.

Powerful security and compliance
Powerful security and compliance

Formstack for Salesforce offers a HIPAA compliance plan so you can collect and manage sensitive health data and keep your peace of mind.

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Seamless Salesforce healthcare automation solutions for every need

Patient Intake & Member Onboarding
Streamline the patient intake and onboarding experience to boost provider productivity and enhance patient care.
Physician & Member Referrals
Connect referrals to physicians to eliminate paper from the referral process and strengthen relationships across specializations.
Patient Screenings
Easily collect patient screening information that helps you better understand current health statuses and continuously build on the 360-degree view of your patients.
Appointment & Visit Management
Simplify appointment and visit management so you can be more productive and meet patient needs.
Patient Engagement
Create seamless, personalized experiences that meet each patient’s unique health needs, and engage them with feedback surveys that track back to Salesforce.
Insurance Authorization
Automate the insurance authorization process and safely collect, manage, and authorize patient insurance information.

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Meet industry standards

Within four days, we got our clients off of multiple spreadsheets and disconnected phone calls and into a very streamlined system. Formstack has a great user interface that is easy for customers to use as well as team members.
JoAnne King
Director of Healthcare Solutions

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