Stripe Integration

The Stripe payment processor allows users to accept online credit card payments on Formstack forms, without the need for a merchant account or gateway.

Whether you are selling one item or multiple items, setting up the Stripe integration is quick and easy with no coding or special programming skills needed. Use Formstack to collect payment information and let Stripe seamlessly handle the payment processing behind the scenes, so you don't have to!

Please note: Formstack's Stripe integration allows users to be PCI compliant. For more details, please visit our Support page.

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Use Formstack and Stripe for Quick Commerce

  • Create order forms with one or multiple items for purchase
  • Accept donations and annual gifts from nonprofit donors
  • Collect registration fees from attendees prior to events and conferences
  • Integrate with your Formstack Stores page for multiple-item purchases

Our Stripe Integration Allows You To

  • Accept transactions with flat (or no) shipping fees
  • Create self-calculating fields for automatic transactions
  • Accept coupon or discount codes
  • Receive payment notifications directly on your Formstack account

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