Features Data Routing

Data Routing

Send your data where you want.

Route your collected data or communications to the right people with our Data Routing features.

Routing Logic

Activate Routing Logic to send submissions to members of your team as they come in.

Use Routing Logic To:

  • Route HTML or plain text form submissions to proper departments or people.
  • Redirect users to different URLs or payment processors.
  • Collaborate with API and webhooks to pass data 3rd party applications or an external URL.
Data routing and routing logic with Formstack

Email Logic

With Email Logic, you can provide customized emails after users submit a form. These personalized emails trigger based on specific form responses.

Use Email Logic To:

  • Customize Notification Emails to receive all submitted data, a link to the data, and/or file attachments.
  • Create unique Confirmation Emails based on specific form responses.
  • Pair with Approval Workflow to notify users once the approval criteria have been met.

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