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Smart Data Routing

Use secure routing logic to send your form data where you want it.

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Send your data where you need it most.

Formstack's intuitive data routing tool uses conditional logic to help you customize actions after a form is submitted. Easily route submission data to different people or places depending on the criteria you set.

Use data routing to:

Notification Email Logic

When you set up routing logic for your notification emails, you can quickly send form submissions to different people based on a user's response. For example, if you're using a registration form to capture signups for different, unrelated events, you can route each submission to the appropriate individual on your team that is handling each event.

Confirmation Email Logic

Data routing for confirmation emails works perfectly for order forms, event registrations, and other forms where you need to send a customized message upon submission. For example, if you're using a signup form to send people different ebooks based on their interests, you can create a confirmation email that contains links to the types of ebooks that someone is interested in.

Additional Submit Actions
Additional Submit Actions

There are many other options you can choose when setting up submit actions for your forms. The possibilities are almost endless! Here are just some of the additional ways you can use routing logic:

  1. Set up a URL redirect to send individuals to different sites based on their interests.
  2. Pass data to a third party database for individuals that meet certain criteria indicated on the form.
  3. Send someone to their preferred payment provider if you've included multiple payment options on your form.
How it works
How It Works

Setting up routing logic with Formstack is easy. Browse through the resources below to learn more:

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