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Features Save & Resume

Save & Resume

Let users save form data and resume where they left off.

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Many people don't have time to fill out long forms. However, sometimes a long form is necessary if you need to collect information for an application or survey. Ensure people come back to complete your forms by activating Formstack's Save & Resume feature. This tool lets respondents save form data and come back to it later. Any previously completed questions can be brought back with the click of a button.

All form respondents can save form data for up to 30 days

With Formstack's Save & Resume tool, you can:

  • Let users save form data on any multi-page form and return later for completion
  • Add a Progress Indicator so users can see how close they are to finishing your form
  • Send respondents a direct link and give them 30 days to finish their partially-completed form

How It Works

You can add Save & Resume to any multi-page form by turning it on in the "Form Extras" section of the form builder. Use it to let respondents save form data on surveys, feedback forms, applications, contracts, and much more. If someone chooses to save their answers, a personalized link will be created and sent to their email. All they need to do is click on the link to resume their form.

For additional information, check out this Help article.

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