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Features Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures

Collect e-signatures on any device.

Need a signature on your form? You can easily add an electronic signature field on any of your forms. It works perfectly on all mobile devices. All electronic signatures are saved as image files and stored in your Formstack account. Electronic signatures can be used for a variety of online documents such as an employment offer letter, background check authorization form, HIPAA medical release form, contracts, financial documents, and so much more.

Give it a try below and see how easy it is to use!

Collect mobile electronic signatures on the go

Our signature field works perfectly on all mobile devices. Collect e-signatures on the go with your iPhone, Android, iPad and other devices.

mobile devices

Streamline all of your business-critical workflows and save time and money with our Electronic Signatures feature. Learn more about adding an electronic signature to your form and read our guest blog post from Kenan L. Farrel, Attorney-at-Law, about Electronic Signatures on Online Forms.

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