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Field Bottlenecks

Pinpoint problem areas on your form, and discover opportunities to boost your conversions.

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Note: Field Bottlenecks is only available as part of the Conversion Kit Add-On Learn More

Watching prospects abandon your form can be disappointing, but these moments provide valuable learning opportunities that can help you improve your submission rates. To help you make the most of your forms, our Field Bottlenecks tool helps you pinpoint the exact fields that are causing users to leave.

With this valuable data at your fingertips, you can find easy ways to streamline your online forms and ultimately improve conversions. For example, if you notice people are dropping off when they get to the "Company Name" question, you can remove this field to see if your abandonment rate improves.

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Use Field Bottlenecks to:

  • Identify patterns of user behavior
  • Discover which fields cause form abandonments
  • Boost submissions and improve your conversion rates

How It Works

To access Field Bottlenecks, go to the Analytics tab in the builder, choose "Conversion Kit," and click on the link next to "Field Bottlenecks" on the page. This will bring you to the analytics page so you can see the different percentages of users that have left your form on different fields. Use this information to improve conversion rates by deciding which fields to keep and which ones to drop.

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