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Features Field Bottlenecks

Field Bottlenecks

Optimize your lead capture with insights on form abandonment.

Note: Field Bottlenecks is only available as part of the Conversion Kit Add-On Learn More

There is nothing more disappointing than watching prospects abandon your form and not convert. However, these moments provide valuable learning opportunities that can help you improve your forms so you can avoid dropoff in the future. This is where our Field Bottlenecks feature comes in. With Field Bottlenecks, you can pinpoint the exact fields that are causing users to drop off your form. So, if you notice that people are dropping off at the "Company Name" question, then you may want to consider removing this field to see if your form abandonment rate drops.

field bottlenecks example

With this valuable data at your fingertips, you will be able to streamline your online forms and ultimately improve conversions and sales.

Don't miss out on these valuable insights! Activate Field Bottlenecks and decrease your form abandonment rate by:

  • Discovering which fields cause form abandonments.
  • Identifying patterns of user behavior.
  • Optimizing your forms with this data in mind.
  • Improving your conversions and sales.

Field Bottlenecks is only available to Formstack customers on our $249/mo plan or higher.

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