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Features Import and Export Data

Easily Import and Export Data

Share and collaborate on your form data with Formstack's flexible data import and export tools.

Simplify the way you manage and share information with Formstack's versatile data import and export options. Import data and store it in Formstack's secure database, share data with others through email or via a simple link, or export it to an outside format for easy analysis. No matter where your information needs to go, Formstack lets you import and export data with ease.

Export Submissions

Import Data

Use the import data feature to pull form data from a CSV file and import it into the Formstack database. Formstack's import data feature works great for:

Combining data from multiple forms

Creating in-depth reports and charts

Organizing data in multiple languages

Export Data

Exporting your form data into another format is a great way to make information more digestible or find patterns that can give your team better insight. Use your exports to review customer feedback, analyze survey results, or compare the success of marketing campaigns, events, and more. Use Formstack's data export feature to:

Export submissions directly to your browser in CSV, Excel, Word, or PDF format

Export important submission details like current approval status

Export in the background while working on other tasks within the app

View the status and history of your export requests

Learn More

Managing information with Formstack is easy. Check out these resources to learn how to import and export data:

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