Features Import and Export Data

Import and Export Data

Organize your form data.

Data is at the heart of any online form. Our form builder excels in helping you collect, manage, route, and leverage your data via a secure online form. You can store your form data in our online database, share that data with others via a simple link, do a data export in Excel or Word, and use our API with other databases or applications. No matter where it needs to go, you’ll be able to import and export your data with ease.

Import and Export Data Features

Export data.

You have choices as to what part of your form data you want to export. You can export all of your data, all data since the last download, or you can manually choose which data to export. You can export data in CSV, RTF (Word), PDF, or Excel format.

RSS: Use your favorite RSS reader to gain access to a live feed of form submissions. There is no need to login to your account. Set up your RSS feed & all form submissions will appear in a safe and secure feed.

Import data.

Our data import feature lets you take form data from a CSV file and import it back into the Formstack database.

Use CSV Data Import for:

  • Combining data from multiple forms
  • Running reports and charts on the combined data
  • Comparing multiple events, registrations and more
  • Combining data in multiple languages

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