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Use custom form URLs to increase brand recognition and provide a more secure experience for your users.

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Branded URLs promote trust and are easier to remember and share with others. With Formstack's tool, you can build your company name into every form link. Instead of a link that begins with "formstack.com," you can change the URL to "mycompany.formstack.com."

Use Subdomains to:

How it works
How It Works

Creating subdomains with Formstack is easy. Just follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to "URLs" under your Profile and click the "Update" button to edit. Only account admins can view and change these settings.
  2. Create your new URL and click "Save Settings." Saving your changes will update the URLs for all forms already created within your account.
  3. View the final URL of your form in the "Publish" tab of the form builder. You can create new subdomains at any time using this process.

For more information, please read this Help article.

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