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Formstack's calculating form fields allow you to easily automate the calculation of total values on your online forms. This means you don't have to manually calculate totals yourself! Use this form field to quickly process online bookings, product orders, event registrations, monetary donations, expense reimbursements, scored employee surveys, and more.

Our calculating form fields allow you to:

Order forms

A perfect example of the calculating form field in action is when you want to sell a few products online. If you are selling a t-shirt and a coffee mug, you can assign a value to each product using the alternate value option, such as $15 for the mug and $5 for the t-shirt. Your form will automatically give you a total depending on which product someone chooses.

Weighted surveys

Another example where you can use self-calculating fields is within a weighted survey. If you have a list of questions that lets users indicate their satisfaction using a range from 1-5, you can total the number at the end. This is great for managing customer service reviews and feedback surveys, so you can accurately calculate results.

How it works
How It Works:

Setting up form calculations can seem complicated at first, but Formstack makes it easy. Browse through the resources below to learn more about setup:

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