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Calculating Form Fields

Let calculations do the work for you.


Self-calculating form fields are perfect for online order forms, quizzes, weighted surveys, and any other form you need to calculate a value. Along with our payment integrations, our HTML form creator allows you to use self-calculating fields to quickly begin selling online.

Example of calculating form fields

Order forms

A perfect example of using the calculating form field’s functionality is if you want to sell a few products online. For instance, if you are selling a T-shirt and a Coffee mug, you can assign a value to each product using the alternate value option, $15 for the mug and $5 for the T-shirt. The form will automatically give you a total depending on which product you chose, the mug or the T-shirt.

Calculating form fields setup on an order form

Weighted surveys

Another example where you can use the self-calculating fields is in a weighted survey. If you have a list of questions where users respond to their satisfaction on different topics using a range from 1-5. You can total the number at the end. This is great for managing customer service responses, allowing you to tally real totals.

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