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People don't like filling out long forms. Create the illusion that your form is short by only asking the questions that are relevant to your users. With Conditional Logic, you can easily create smart online forms that react to the actions your users take. Think of it as conditional branching, where certain questions branch from others based on the conditions you set.

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How it works
How It Works

Step 1: Add the appropriate fields to your form, including a field with options (like a Radio Button field) and a field that you want to show or hide based on the choice made in the previous field.

Step 2: Select the field you want to show or hide, and click the "Logic" button in the top left corner of the builder to dive into your form's conditional logic settings.

Step 3: Select when and under what circumstances you would like the field or section to show on the form. After you're done, the field will show up with a distinguished background in the builder.

To learn more about setup, please read this Help article.

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