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Formstack's birthday is February 28, 2006. We started as one guy trying to provide a simple data capture solution. Since then, our product has evolved into a robust platform that helps users of all industries better engage with their customers and manage data. Formstack is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, but our 500,000+ users live and work all over the world.

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Meet the crew

From our sales team to our developers, Formstack employees were raised to be creative and innovative. Check out these retro photos of our ever-growing team. And yes, we're just as cute in person.

Ashley Alexander Ashley Alexander

Ashley Alexander

Jordy Arnoldussen Jordy Arnoldussen

Jordy Arnoldussen
UX Designer

Walter Baker Walter Baker

Walter Baker
Formstack Donkey

Andy Baumgartner Andy Baumgartner

Andy Baumgartner
Business Development Specialist

Bryan Boscia Bryan Boscia

Bryan Boscia
Support Team Lead

Kristina Bouckaert Kristina Bouckaert

Kristina Bouckaert
Business Development Manager

Josh Brickner Josh Brickner

Josh Brickner

Jake Brokaw Jake Brokaw

Jake Brokaw
Web Designer and Developer

Tim Brown Tim Brown

Tim Brown
Customer Success Manager

Robin Bryant Robin Bryant

Robin Bryant
SEO Strategist

Clint Buechler Clint Buechler

Clint Buechler
Marketing Automation Specialist

Chris Byers Chris Byers

Chris Byers

Fermin Carranza Fermin Carranza

Fermin Carranza

Colin Chapin Colin Chapin

Colin Chapin
Support Specialist

Andrew Clark Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark
Product Marketing Manager

Brianna Class Brianna Class

Brianna Class
Account Manager

Emily Douglas Emily Douglas

Emily Douglas
Sales Specialist / Salesforce Admin

Loretta Dudden Loretta Dudden

Loretta Dudden
Finance and Billing Assistant

Brad England Brad England

Brad England
Support Specialist

Janni Firestone Janni Firestone

Janni Firestone
Executive Assistant

Cate Galeza Cate Galeza

Cate Galeza
Employee Success Specialist

Matt Gard Matt Gard

Matt Gard
VP of Finance

Brian Graham Brian Graham

Brian Graham

Jessica Haas Jessica Haas

Jessica Haas
Director of Customer Experience

David Hampton David Hampton

David Hampton
Sales Development Specialist

Chelsea Hartweg Chelsea Hartweg

Chelsea Hartweg
Support Specialist

Dana Hartweg Dana Hartweg

Dana Hartweg

Elizabeth Hicks Elizabeth Hicks

Elizabeth Hicks
Office Assistant

Charlie Holcomb Charlie Holcomb

Charlie Holcomb
Marketing Analyst

Joe Homs Joe Homs

Joe Homs
Product Manager

Duane Hunt Duane Hunt

Duane Hunt
VP of Operations

Jonathan Izquierdo Jonathan Izquierdo

Jonathan Izquierdo
Product Designer, Jell

Jakub Jakubiec Jakub Jakubiec

Jakub Jakubiec
DevOps Engineer

Jeff Johns Jeff Johns

Jeff Johns
Development Team Lead

Lindsay Johnson Lindsay Johnson

Lindsay Johnson
Demand Generation Team Lead

Amy Jorgenson Amy Jorgenson

Amy Jorgenson
Support Specialist

Jeanna Kruse Jeanna Kruse

Jeanna Kruse
Support Specialist

Muizz Kusimo Muizz Kusimo

Muizz Kusimo

Layne Langford Layne Langford

Layne Langford
Product Marketing Associate

Chris Lucas Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas
VP of Marketing

Michael Mattax Michael Mattax

Michael Mattax
Senior Developer, Jell

Greg McAlpine Greg McAlpine

Greg McAlpine
QA Analyst

Patrick Meehan Patrick Meehan

Patrick Meehan
Digital Sales Manager

Hali Mendenhall Hali Mendenhall

Hali Mendenhall
Executive Assistant

Jackie Newnam Jackie Newnam

Jackie Newnam
Product Analyst

Miranda Nicholson Miranda Nicholson

Miranda Nicholson
Talent Department Manager

Max Nierste Max Nierste

Max Nierste

Abby Nieten Abby Nieten

Abby Nieten
Content Writer

Ade Olonoh Ade Olonoh

Ade Olonoh
Founder & Head of Special Projects

Brandon Peters Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters
Senior Developer

Chris Pierce Chris Pierce

Chris Pierce
Software Development Manager

Matthias Podsiedlak Matthias Podsiedlak

Matthias Podsiedlak
UX Front-end Developer

Christian Ready Christian Ready

Christian Ready
Product Manager

Kayce Reed-Buechlein Kayce Reed-Buechlein

Kayce Reed-Buechlein
UX Designer

Evan Reisman Evan Reisman

Evan Reisman

Matt Ritter Matt Ritter

Matt Ritter
Marketing Design Team Lead

Anna Robertson Anna Robertson

Anna Robertson
UX Designer

Andrew Ruszkowski Andrew Ruszkowski

Andrew Ruszkowski

Kelly Schell Kelly Schell

Kelly Schell
Product/Marketing Executive Assistant

Justin Siples Justin Siples

Justin Siples
QA Engineer

Evan Stenmark Evan Stenmark

Evan Stenmark

Joseph Tatum Joseph Tatum

Joseph Tatum
Web Designer & Developer

Andrew Thompson Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson
Marketing Associate

Ashley Walsh Ashley Walsh

Ashley Walsh
Director of Marketing Operations

Amanda West-Bookwalter Amanda West-Bookwalter

Amanda West-Bookwalter
Digital Media Marketing Specialist

Aaron White Aaron White

Aaron White
Product Designt Team Lead

Jason Wiese Jason Wiese

Jason Wiese
Support Specialist

Ashley Wilkewitz Ashley Wilkewitz

Ashley Wilkewitz
Sales Development Specialist

Tao Yang Tao Yang

Tao Yang
UX Researcher

Chris Zeeb Chris Zeeb

Chris Zeeb
DevOps Engineer

Michal Zielenkiewicz Michal Zielenkiewicz

Michal Zielenkiewicz
UX Front-end Developer