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CEO: Chris Byers
Founded: 02/28/06
Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
Percentage of Remote Employees: 57%
On February 28, 2006, Ade Olonoh founded Formstack with one goal in mind: to create a simple data capture solution. Since then, our product has evolved into a robust lead conversion and attribution platform that helps users of all industries better engage with their customers and manage data. Formstack is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, but our 650,000+ users live and work all over the world.

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Brand Assets

Download Formstack logos and screenshots individually or as a full set.

Appropriate Branding Use

Feel free to leverage any of the Formstack brand materials to refer to Formstack and its brand. However, we ask that the logo and mark be displayed in a proportionate and simple manner on either a dark or light background.

correct formstack logos with name and dark gray background
correct formstack logos without name and dark gray background

Inappropriate Branding Use

Please do not display branding materials in a disproportionate manner, change the logo color scheme, place the logo over a color that makes the logo difficult to read, or utilize the logo to represent anything other than Formstack.

correct formstack logo with name and dark gray background
correct formstack logo without name and dark gray background
correct formstack logo with dark gray name and light gray background

Spelling "Formstack"

Our name should always be displayed as “Formstack” on any and all branding materials. Please do not write the name as “FormStack,” “FoRmStAck,” “FORMstack,” or in any other way that violates our naming standards.

Color Palettes

Green and gray are the two colors that make up our primary palette. Since these colors are at the core of our identity system, they are the most frequently used. Our secondary palette is designed to complement the primary color palette while at the same time maintaining visual consistency. These colors are primarily designed to serve as accents and should be utilized sparingly.

Primary Colors

HEX: #7BC143
RGB: 123, 193, 67
CMYK: 36.27, 0, 65.28, 24.31

HEX: #455560
RGB: 69, 85, 96
CMYK: 28.13, 11.46, 0, 62.35

Light Gray
HEX: #6C7A85
RGB: 108, 122, 133
CMYK: 18.8, 8.27, 0, 47.84

Secondary Colors

Light Green
HEX: #A8C933
RGB: 168, 201, 51
CMYK: 16.42, 0, 74.63, 21.18

Light Blue
HEX: #62CAE3
RGB: 98, 202, 227
CMYK: 56.83, 11.01, 0, 10.98

Pale Green
RGB: 206, 227, 155
CMYK: 9.25, 0, 31.72, 10.98

HEX: #ED9D21
RGB: 237, 157, 33
CMYK: 0, 33.76, 86.08, 7.06

Pale Blue
RGB: 221, 241, 247
CMYK: 10.53, 2.43, 0, 3.14

Dark Gray
HEX: #1C2F3A
RGB: 28, 47, 58
CMYK: 51.72, 18.97, 0, 77.25

Media Inquiries

Meghan Matheny, BLASTmedia

Meghan Matheny, BLASTmedia

317-806-1900 Ext. 115