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Users and Groups

Bring your team on board to collaborate on forms and data by adding business users to your account.

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Success is so much sweeter when it's shared. Use Formstack's multi-user functionality to let team members log into your account and work together on forms and data. Conveniently add users individually or in bulk, assign them to different groups based on role, and give them full or limited access to various forms, folders, themes, and integrations.

Use Formstack's Users and Groups feature to:

Share forms, themes, and data with team members

Add business users to your account individually or in bulk

Assign users that have similar roles to new or existing groups

Set permissions to control account access for individuals or groups

Perform group actions on multiple users at once (like resetting passwords)

How it works
How It Works

You can find the Users and Groups panel by logging into your account, clicking the My Profile icon at the top right of the Formstack screen, and selecting "Users and Groups" on the lefthand side. Use this panel to access various settings for users, groups, and permissions.

Add new business users to your account individually by typing in their name and email, or add a bunch of users at once by uploading a CSV file. Easily assign people to groups and establish their permissions. If you're strapped for time, you can use the groups feature to organize users with similar roles and set their permissions all at once.

If you ever run out of user seats, simply upgrade to the next Formstack plan. For in-depth information on Formstack's multi-user functionality, check out this Help article.

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