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Email Confirmations

Keep in touch with your form users by sending them a custom confirmation email after they hit submit.

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Give your users confidence.

Reassure your customers and employees that you've received their form submission through Formstack's easy-to-use notification email feature. You can send a receipt of submission to your user's inbox right away or delay the response to go out at a specified time. Thank people for filling out your form, provide submitters with copies of their form responses, confirm payments, and much more.

Use Formstack's confirmation email feature to:

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How it works
How It Works

To add an email confirmation to your form, go to Settings > Emails & Redirects and click on "Click here to add one" under "Confirmation Emails." There are two ways you can set up your notification emails. Choose to include all submitted data in your email automatically or create a custom email that includes hand-picked fields from your form.

For more in-depth information on setting up confirmations for your form, check out this Help article.

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