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Features Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic

Create personalized form experiences for your users and boost form submissions.

Formstack's Conditional Logic feature allows you to show or hide form fields or entire sections based on the answer a person chooses for another field on the form. Think of it as form branching or conditional branching. It is a great way to keep forms short and user-friendly, ensuring you capture the information you need. Use this handy feature to increase the success rate of your surveys, event registration forms, lead generation forms, and more.

Use Formstack's Conditional Logic feature to:

  • Let users skip irrelevant questions by showing/hiding fields based on previous answers
  • Boost form submissions through personalized, streamlined form experiences
  • Get better, more accurate feedback on surveys and other questionnaires

Conditional Logic Example

How It Works

We’ve made setting up Conditional Logic super simple. On each field or section of your form, you will see a tab labeled “Logic” when you go into edit mode. From the "Logic" tab, you can select when and under what circumstances you would like the field or section to show on the form. Your Conditional Logic fields will then show up with a distinguished background in the builder.

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