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Use Formstack Approvals to create an online approvals process for projects, hiring, PTO requests, expense reimbursements, and more.

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Simplify tasks.

Set up a streamlined online approvals process to eliminate the hassle of waiting for team members to sign off on projects and requests.

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Stay informed.

Keep everyone in the loop on tasks and requirements. Projects and requests can be approved or denied directly from everyone's email.

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Boost efficiency.

Allocate resources effectively, accomplish more tasks, and keep important projects on track. Your team (and your sanity) will thank you.

We don't like extra documents or excessive email threads any more than you do. That's why we built the Approvals feature to help simplify the forms workflow process. If you're currently using email to share your collected data, trust us, there's a better way!

  • Multiple Approvers - Give your users permission to approve or deny submissions, making sure your whole team is on the same page with your data.
  • Email Approval - Approve or deny submissions right from your email - no need to log in and go to your Submissions tab.
  • Routing Logic Workflow - Use our Routing Logic feature to ensure submissions only go to the necessary Approvers.
  • Approval Records - Track when your users have reviewed important data - we digitally record every approved or denied submission.

Improve your workflow approval process

Improve your electronic approval process

Tired of tracking down your coworkers to sign off on a project or repeatedly emailing your boss asking him (or her!) to review that data you sent a week ago?

With Formstack's Approvals feature, your employees can now quickly approve, deny or comment on submitted data in the Formstack software, making communication simpler and paper-free. Denied submissions are never deleted from the Formstack database, meaning all data is protected for the future.

Try Formstack for FREE or demo our product to get started. For complete details on setting up forms with workflow approvals, check out our Approvals documentation and Advanced Multi-Step documentation.

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