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Use Formstack's Workflows add-on to simplify your processes, boost efficiency, and accomplish more tasks.

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A simple way to work smarter.

Formstack combines an intuitive online form builder with workflow automation tools to give you an easy way to manage company processes. With the Workflows add-on, you can let multiple people in your organization review, edit, and complete a single form.

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Simplify your day-to-day.

Create automated workflows in minutes that flow across departments and help you quickly complete repetitive tasks.

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Keep your team organized.

Eliminate errors by assigning sections of your workflow to different users depending on what you want them to review.

Improve efficiencies with our automated workflow system

Improve your efficiency.

Track the progress of your workflows, and time each step to identify communication bottlenecks and enhance efficiency.

Save time and resources by creating workflows with Formstack

Save time and resources.

Distribute your resources effectively, accomplish more tasks, and keep important initiatives on track for your team with our automated workflows software.

Worried about your workflows?

Take our BPM quiz to analyze your methods and discover ways to boost your productivity.

Set up and implement your workflows in minutes.

Step 1 example in using our automated workflow software
Andrew submits his annual self-review.

He sends his evaluation through a form, which is automatically routed to his manager for review.

Andrew's manager reviews and edits the form.

Sara fills out her own review of Andrew on the same form and adds notes on compensation changes.

The reviews are sent to HR for approval.

Jeff, the HR manager, looks at the reviews and approves Sara's compensation suggestions.

The finance team adjusts Andrew's compensation.

The form is routed to the payroll manager so she can make Andrew's new compensation official.

A confirmation email is sent to Andrew.

The payroll manager notes the change has been made and sends a confirmation email to Andrew.

Collaborate seamlessly.

Need to get one-time reviews or sign-offs from your boss or coworkers? Take your workflows to the next level by assigning people to different steps as Participant Users. These users can participate in your workflows without counting against your Standard User account limits. Plus, every user has a Workspace to keep assigned tasks organized and reduce the time it takes to complete a workflow.
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Add Participant Users to your account individually or via a bulk upload.

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Get real-time usage details via a dedicated Participant Users dashboard.

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Add different user types to the same user group to keep your team organized.

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Easily manage and complete your assigned tasks in your personal Workspace.

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Terese was bogged down by paperwork, so she took action. Hear how Formstack transformed the way Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation does business.

Formstack's Workflows add-on works great for:

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Internal Operations

Enhance organizational efficiency by streamlining the processes you use every day. Create workflows for sales quotes, budget approvals, invoice requests, travel reimbursements, product evaluations, and much more.

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Improve patient intake and registration by allowing multiple care providers to submit their notes on a single form. Practitioners can add comments to a patient's record after an appointment, and route data to multiple departments.

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Human Resources

Improve communication amongst employees, and meet your growth and engagement goals faster via paperless HR workflows. Quickly review and process job applications, employee reviews, feedback, PTO requests, and more.

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Create automated workflows that help you eliminate paper and easily route student information between departments. Process financial aid applications, enrollment forms, evaluations, scholarship applications, and more.

"Formstack allows me to take any offline, manual process, bring it online, and apply a workflow to the forms in order to automate once laborious processes. I can drag and drop or dive into the API integrations to get what I need accomplished."

Dan Tushinski
Ecommerce, Search, and Analytics Consultant at

Move your business forward.
Creating workflows with Formstack is easy. Connect with us to learn how the Workflows add-on can help your organization become more efficient.