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Create web forms fast

Easily build the online forms you need with Formstack's form tools software. No HTML forms programming is needed. Just drag and drop fields to your form, customize your questions with logic, and embed the form on your website, send via email, or share on social. It's so easy, that others can build their own forms so you don't have to with our website form creator.

Customize for any need

Style your forms any way you want without needing to do any coding. The Theme Editor lets you easily create custom themes, tweak colors, add logos, adjust spacing, change buttons, and more. If you want to dive deeper, the Code Editor lets you manipulate the CSS and HTML of your form to better match your website.

Become maintenance free

There is no ongoing maintenance required with Formstack forms. Need to update your form? Just tweak it in the builder and watch the changes go live in real-time. Updating forms is so simple that other people can make changes themselves without your help. Just add them as users on your account, and set the right permissions.

What does the home health care intake process look like?

There's a few steps you must take in order to effectively serve your home health care patients. Here's
a sample workflow of the home health care admission process—from initial intake to the first visit.

Step 1

The patient's doctor makes a referral to a home health care provider.

Step 2

The home health care provider screens the referral and contacts the potential patient.

Step 3

The patient agrees to home health care and provides their insurance, payment, and personal information.

Step 4

The provider contacts the primary physician for the patient's medical records and discharge plan.

Step 5

An in-depth patient record is created by the provider, listing all medications, diagnoses, treatment plans, discharge notes, and demographic information.

Step 6

The patient schedules their first home health care visit and fills out detailed medical forms.

Step 7

The provider performs a home health care assessment during their first visit, including a medication reconciliation, physical, review of medical history, and discussion of the care plan.

Did you know?

Formstack's in-house Professional Services team is made up of expert form builders who can help you jumpstart your home health admission workflow.

Home health intake tips

The quality of care you provide patients is crucial to not only their health, but the health of your business as well. With nearly 40,000 companies providing home health care services in the U.S., patients have ample options for their needs. As competition continues to increase, it's important to follow best practices that keep your patients healthy, happy, and safe. This will help you retain current patients, attract new ones, and become a provider of choice for hospitals and doctor offices. Implementing an efficient and effective system is key to providing quality services that sets your home health care business apart. Transform your home health admission process with these tips to improve efficiency, data capture, and patient satisfaction.

Use online healthcare forms to improve patient data capture

Think about how much data goes into processing one patient for home health care services. Whether it's due to a paper form getting misplaced, a transcription error, or a mistake made during manual data entry, paper forms can wreak havoc on your home health care admission process. Medical errors (including paperwork mistakes) are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. Minimize the risk of errors and improve data capture with online healthcare forms. Your staff, partners, and patients will love how easy digital healthcare forms make the home health intake process, and you'll see an improvement in the efficiency and accuracy of data capture. Form data can also be used to create patient documents.

Improve form accessibility

Paper forms can create barriers that slow down your intake process. If you're providing patients with fillable PDF forms, they may not have the tools needed to send the forms back to you, like a printer, scanner, or fax machine. Mailing paper forms is an inefficient and costly process that wastes your valuable time and resources. Improve the accessibility of your home health care intake forms by making them easy to access from a computer, phone, or tablet. Your staff can say goodbye to carrying clipboards, pens, and paper forms during home visits. Look for a form solution that offers offline form submissions so you can collect data anywhere, regardless of your internet connection or Wi-Fi access.

Track communication and collaboration with workflows

When taking on a new patient, you may need to communicate with multiple doctors, hospitals, health aids, and staff members before the patient's first home visit. Tracking all the data from these conversations and keeping everyone well-informed can become increasingly difficult. Implement digital workflows to streamline data collection and ensure all important information is kept secure and in one place. Instead of creating multiple forms that are sent out to different people at different times, combine your forms to create a standardized process. Connecting crucial stakeholders within one process will minimize errors, reduce miscommunication, and increase the speed of patient intake.

Increase security to better protect personal health information

Handling personal health information in a secure way is crucial to your home health admission process. If your processes are not up to par, you could be endangering the health and security of your patients, as well as the financial health of your business. HIPAA violations can lead to huge fines and major penalties, as well as losing the trust of patients and partners. Avoid this by implementing an online form solution that is fully HIPAA compliant. Look for features such as secure cloud storage, advanced data encryption, password protections, file access controls, and user-level permissions.

Simplify your home health intake process

Formstack provides a secure data collection solution that can help your business reduce paper, streamline key processes, and improve patient satisfaction. Formstack’s HIPAA compliant solution includes:

Offer online payment options that please your customers.

Accepting payments through custom online order forms is easier than you think. It's as simple as connecting your form to a leading payment processor, like Stripe, PayPal, or Authorize.Net. Formstack provides powerful payment integrations that make it simple and secure for customers to make online payments through your business or ecommerce site.

But deciding what payment gateway to use for your business can be overwhelming. There are fees to consider, contracts to figure out, and many features to research. Here are ten, quick questions to help you choose the right payment gateway fast and meet your bottom line.

Take The Payment Gateway Quiz

Which online payment gateway is right for you?

Use this online payment gateway comparison chart to help you choose the payment gateway that fits the needs of your business best.

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Protect customer information.

A recent Verizon study found that PCI compliant businesses are 50% more likely to withstand a breach. Use Formstack's PCI compliant credit card fields to protect customer data from outside attacks.

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Powerful forms evaluation tools at your fingertips

Automate your evaluation process from start to finish. Track progress and assign participants to review and comment on different sections.
Responsive Forms
All our forms are mobile-friendly out of the box. Pull up evaluation forms on your mobile device or tablet to free yourself from your desk.
Save & Resume
Need to halt an evaluation and finish it later? Auto-generate a return link so you can save answers and pick right back up where you left off.
Make the data you collect easily digestible and shareable. Import data via CSV and export information in CSV, Excel, Word, or PDF format.
Data Routing
Send submission data from your evaluation forms to other evaluators, managers, or departments depending on the specific criteria you set.
Electronic Signatures
Add an electronic signature field to an evaluation form or self-assessment to confirm that an evaluation has been finalized and accepted.

Integrate and automate.

Easily pass submitted form data to other apps with our selection of integration tools for web developers. You can set up your forms to meet any need. Update your company's CRM with new leads, add new contacts to your email marketing platform, collect online payments, and much more.

Create a form from scratch or get started with one of our pre-made templates. You can quickly add the fields you need via drag and drop.
Activate your preferred integration by providing the necessary credentials and choosing how you want data to be passed from form to app.
Sit back and watch the data roll in. No coding or manual data entry needed. Easily populate documents, profiles, lists, spreadsheets, and more.

Don't see the integration you need amongst our form tools? We've got you covered. Create custom webhooks and API applications with our Developer Resources.

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Automate your intake procedure workflow

Streamlined intake procedures provide patients with quick and easy access to care, maintain high patient satisfaction, and improve patient retention. Gathering data before the initial intake assessment is crucial to developing effective treatment plans, minimizing administrative inefficiencies, and ensuring the patient's first appointment runs smoothly. Here's an example of how your organization can automate its mental health intake procedures to better serve patients and provide excellent care.

Jill completes the contact form on Dr. Evans' website.

Jill submits her contact information and provides details on her symptoms. She receives an automated email informing her of the next steps in the intake process, and her data is routed to Dr. Evans for review.

The office contacts Jill to confirm her request for treatment.

Once Jill confirms she wants to proceed with treatment, the office admin begins Jill's intake process by adding her to the new patient form portal. Jill receives an email alerting her to new forms she needs to complete, including forms for emergency contacts, medical history, and insurance.

Reminders are sent to Jill about unfinished forms.

Emails are automatically sent to Jill on a pre-determined basis to ensure Dr. Evans receives her information in a timely manner. After Jill's intake forms are complete and her insurance is cleared, the office sends her another form to book her initial intake assessment.

Jill's ePHI is automatically routed to key systems.

When Jill completes a form, her data is automatically directed to the business office's central systems. This reduces manual data entry for Dr. Evans' staff and ensures the integrity and security of data across the organization.

Jill's medical history is uploaded to the mental health intake form.

Once Jill has provided details for her primary care physician (PCP), her PCP receives an automated email with a link to her intake form where they can securely upload Jill's medical records. Using Formstack's HIPAA compliant solution, Jill's PCP is able to safely and securely upload the information as part of the workflow.

Dr. Evans performs Jill's initial intake assessment.

Dr. Evans fills out the rest of Jill's mental health intake form during the assessment. He also reviews a treatment plan with Jill, which he and Jill both electronically sign. Once the form is submitted, Jill's data is routed to the front desk to set up payments and recurring appointments.

Exceed HIPAA compliance standards.

Formstack offers an enterprise-level data management solution that is fully compliant with HIPAA. Mandatory security measures include access controls, data encryption, auditing, logging, and more.

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Assess your process often

Technology, trends, and customer expectations are constantly changing. If you're not assessing your customer service process on a consistent basis, it's time to do so. An easy way to do this is by adding a customer satisfaction survey to your process. Send this survey to any customer who has recently interacted with your customer service department to get a better understanding of their experience. You'll be able to unearth what your business is doing right, as well as what areas need improving.

Implement customer service automation workflows

Help your customer service team excel by giving them more time to focus on customers instead of tedious manual work. The more you can implement customer service automation workflows, the less time your team will need to spend on repetitive tasks. Focus on ways to improve communication, speed up processes, remove repetitive steps, and streamline data capture. When your customer service reps are able to fully focus on the customer, you're bound to see an increase in customer satisfaction and retention.

Did you know?

The Formstack Workflows feature combines an intuitive online form builder with flexible workflow automation tools to give you an easy, dynamic way to manage customer service processes. You can also use form data to create documents, and send them to applications you use daily.

Deliver rapid, clear, and correct responses

The first interaction your customer has with your team could make or break their relationship with your business. In fact, 67% of customer churn could have been prevented if the customer's issue had been resolved during that first interaction. Customers expect your team to respond quickly, clearly, and correctly to their requests. Try opening different lines of automated communication, such as online forms, chat bots, and social media, to improve response time and accessibility. Implement ongoing training to ensure all customer service reps know how to answer questions, especially as your product or service offerings change over time.

Communicate quickly.

Customers just want to be heard, understood, and have their problems solved. But this all needs to be done within a timely manner. Research continually shows that most customers expect a response to their customer service question, concern, or complaint within 24 hours or less. To ensure your customer service team is able to respond as fast as possible, take some time to audit the different communication channels your company uses to connect with customers.

How long is the average response time to emails? Are social media messages going to the correct team in a timely manner? Do your online forms acknowledge a customer's message has been received? Taking the time to audit your omnichannel customer service strategy will help you identify and improve any communication gaps that may be hurting your satisfaction and retention rates. If there are ways to implement automation early on in the customer service communication process, this may help speed up response times and improve customer interactions.

Increase customer satisfaction with customer service workflow automation

If you're using an omnichannel strategy, you're on track to customer retention success! It's been reported that companies using an omnichannel customer service strategy maintain an 89% customer retention rate. Here's an example of how you can streamline your omnichannel strategy using customer service workflow automation and online customer service forms.

A customer is having an issue with your product and reaches out to your team on social media.

Your social media manager handles the initial conversation and guides the customer into a private message.

If unable to resolve the customer's issue, the social media manager connects them to your customer service department using a customer service contact form .

The customer receives an automated email confirmation stating they will be contacted by customer service within 24 hours.

Data from the the form is automatically routed to the correct customer service specialist, who makes contact with the customer.

The customer service rep fills out additional sections of the form. Once the customer's issue is resolved and the form is submitted, the data is sent to your CRM .

The customer receives an email with a follow-up customer satisfaction survey so they can provide feedback.

Transform your client management

Using the right technology can help your law office become more efficient and improve
the client experience. Formstack provides powerful tools and a variety of features
that can help your office run smoothly so you can secure more clients.

Build trust faster
When clients are heard and understood, they're more likely to trust your expert opinion. Providing online forms is an easy way to efficiently capture their information so you're prepared to take on their case.
Secure more referrals
A streamlined intake process will make clients more likely to refer their friends and family. Utilizing Formstack's Workflows tool can ensure your intake process runs smoothy for every new client you welcome to your practice.
Improve turn-around time
Collect data more efficiently and please clients with faster response times. Creating an online portal for new clients will help your team keep track of where clients are in the intake process.
Create long-term relationships
Collecting feedback from clients can help you improve satisfaction and retention. It's easy to measure client satisfaction with Formstack surveys that can be built and launched within a few minutes.
Ensure data security
The information your team collects is confidential and needs to be kept secure. Formstack protects your forms with multiple security options, including 256-bit SSL, data encryption, PCI compliance, reCAPTCHA, password protection, and HIPAA compliance
Serve more clients
When you automate systems, your team has more time to devote to other cases. Using workflow management to streamline your intake process can save your office hundreds of hours by minimizing manual tasks.

Set up automated client intake workflows in minutes

First impressions are everything. Here's an example of how to set your
law office up for success during the client intake process.

Linda fills out the contact form on your website, specifying she needs a divorce attorney

Once the contact form is submitted, Linda receives an automated email containing information about next steps and what to expect during the client intake process. Her information is routed to the lawyer best suited for her case.

An email with Linda's information is sent to a divorce attorney

Once Scott reviews Linda's initial request, he begins the intake workflow process by adding her to the new client form portal. Linda receives an email alerting her to new forms she needs to complete, including forms for emergency contacts, case details, and personal information.

Linda receives reminders about unfinished forms

Emails are automatically sent to Linda on a pre-determined basis to ensure Scott receives her information in a timely manner. After Linda's new client intake forms are complete, the portal sends her another form to book her first consultation.

Data is transferred to your most critical business systems

Linda's data is automatically sent to your most critical business systems every time she completes a form. This eliminates manual data entry for your staff and gives them more time to focus on other tasks.

Payment is secured

After Linda's initial consultation with Scott, she is sent an electronic fee agreement that outlines the extent of the client-lawyer relationship and includes fees, information on the employees working on her case, and details on how court costs will be handled. A document generation tool can be used to automatically update your standard fee agreement for each new client using information gathered from your forms.

A better way to create contracts

Automate your document generation for contracts or any documentation required to save countless hours, improve client management, and eliminate manual data entry.

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Secure data collection

Protect the information clients share with you. Formstack offers multiple security options, including 256-bit SSL, data encryption, reCAPTCHA, password protection, and HIPAA compliance.

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Protect your data with advanced security.

Keep information safe and confidential within Formstack's secure database. We offer multiple security options, including 256-bit SSL, data encryption, password protection, reCAPTCHA, and HIPAA compliance.
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Access a suite of versatile form tools

Themes & CSS
Design custom form themes to match your branding by adding logos, selecting fonts, tweaking colors, editing sections, and more.
Responsive Forms
All Formstack forms are mobile-responsive. Let people easily submit inquiries from the comfort of their tablet or mobile device.
Create a streamlined approvals process that lets team members easily review and sign off on requests, proposals, projects, and more.
Conditional Logic
Give users a more dynamic, personalized experience by customizing questions to show or hide based on their previous answers.
Simplify your request process from start to finish by assigning team members to complete, review, and comment on different steps.
File Uploads
Add a file upload field to your request forms to collect relevant Word documents, PDFs, images, videos, and other files from your users.

Features that do the hard work for you

Automate and calculate quantities and purchase totals for tickets, products, and other online purchases.
Collect discount codes and coupons as a dollar amount or percentage off the total price.
Paperless Workflows
Let multiple team members review customer purchases, help fulfill orders, view sales reports, and more. Create automated workflows.
Conversion Tools
Unlock key insights on your customers, bring in new business, and generate interest in your products and services with our conversion kit feature.
Advanced Security
Protect your order forms with multiple form security options, including 256-bit SSL, data encryption, PCI compliance, reCAPTCHA, password protection, and HIPAA compliance.
Data Integrations
Manage customer data more efficiently by connecting your forms to the applications and tools you use every day, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Keep your information secure

Maintain peace of mind knowing your data is safe. Protect your forms with multiple security options, including data encryption, 256-bit SSL, reCAPTCHA, password protection, and HIPAA compliance.
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Make the grade with a suite of versatile tools.

Section 508 Compliance
Formstack strives to comply with Section 508 and WCAG, which means all our forms are intuitive and easy for anyone to fill out.
Themes & CSS
Customize your forms to represent your school by adding your mascot, choosing colors, selecting fonts, editing sections, and more.
Responsive Forms
All our K-12 forms are mobile-friendly out of the box. Collect data on the go during conferences, competitions, and sporting events.
File Uploads
Collect documents from your staff and accept files from students. Our file upload field can accept Word documents, PDFs, and more.
Automate your K-12 processes from start to finish. Assign participants to review and comment on different steps, and track their progress.
Electronic Signatures
Get parental consent more quickly by adding an electronic signature field to school registration forms, permission slips, and order forms.

Eliminate data chaos

Formstack integrates with hundreds of popular web applications so you can connect to the apps you love, automate workflows, and improve workplace productivity.
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Keep your information secure.

Maintain peace of mind knowing your data is safe. Protect your forms with multiple security options, including data encryption, 256-bit SSL, reCAPTCHA, password protection, and HIPAA compliance.
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Don't worry about security.

Maintain your peace of mind. Formstack comes packed with security tools for web developers, and there's no need to set them up. Instantly access 256-bit SSL, data encryption, password protection, and reCAPTCHA. Additional options include HIPAA compliance.
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I love having Formstack as something I can just reach for when my utility bag is empty. Formstack is a workplace productivity platform that you use to kind of reimagine how you do things and just make everything simpler.
Carolyn Swartz
HR Analyst

Collect payments on your photography forms

Connect your forms to apps like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net to quickly collect payments for your business. All funds are securely processed and protected. Set up discount codes if you're offering special rates, and receive payment notifications directly in your account.
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