Customer Service Survey Template

Evaluate the effectiveness of your customer service team and discover areas for improvement.

Simplify your workflows

When customers have an issue or problem, they head for your customer service department. These conversations are crucial to retaining your customers long-term. On average, customers avoid businesses for up to two years after having a bad customer service experience! Use this customer service evaluation form to get a pulse on the effectiveness, efficiency, and friendliness of your customer service team. Once you begin collecting data with this form, you'll get important insights into the customer experience and what is (or is not) working in your customer service department.

Customize to your needs

You don't need to have IT support to create forms or customer service surveys with Formstack. Our intuitive drag-and-drop form builder makes it easy to build and launch any type of form or survey your business needs in minutes. You can edit this customer service survey template with customized questions that make sense for your team, business, and product. Create a seamless customer experience with professionally branded form themes, complete with custom fonts, colors, and images.

Get more form submissions

It's frustrating to launch an important form and not get the needed submissions once it's live. Leave this frustration behind by adding Formstack's Conversion Kit to your forms and surveys. This powerful suite of tools helps you pinpoint problem areas, simplifies form filling for customers, and increases submissions. Optimize submissions and improve the customer experience with insights pulled from your form data.

Create beautiful reports

Once the data starts coming in from this customer service evaluation form, you'll have major insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your customer service team. When it's time to present the findings to managers or team leads, Formstack provides excellent data analytics tools that help you produce beautiful charts and graphs in minutes. Your dashboard also gives you access to important metrics for each of your forms and surveys, such as unique views, conversion rate, and abandonment rate to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Improve efficiency

This customer service evaluation form is just the beginning of how you can make your business more efficient and effective. With hundreds of templates available, there are many ways you can minimize manual data entry, eliminate redundant tasks, and improve efficiency across departments. From HR and marketing to business operations and IT, Formstack provides a powerful, multi-faceted data management system that will save you time, money, and resources.

Formstack saves us tons of time on data entry and analysis and makes it simple for us to see, use, and share data across departments.
Lindsay Anderson
Project Manager at National Geographic Society

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