Formstack For Higher Education Departments

Here's a look at how to make your university departments more efficient with online forms.

Formstack For Academic Departments

Administrators of academic departments have to keep a whole bunch of people happy. With dozens and dozens of different forms, it's a big challenge to stay organized. Every department has its own unique needs, and they need customized tools to keep on top of students, faculty, and staff. It’s time to move away from the PDFs that have to be printed, filled out, delivered, and filed (or lost!). Take a look at who can benefit from using Formstack for academic departments.

Faculty and Staff

Internal communication within academic departments typically consists of emails. Lots and lots of emails. But now department administrators can be free of the “Reply All” and collect information from faculty and staff by using Formstack. Create a form for applications for travel funds or sabbatical leave. Ask faculty and staff to upload receipts for expense reimbursement. You can even create forms for reserving conference rooms or taking lunch orders. And with Data Routing, you can assign forms to go to specific individuals based on how someone fills out the form. By using Formstack, information within a department is no longer stuck in someone’s email.

Current Students

Students are an important part of any academic department, but their demands can be a challenge to organize. Their 3 a.m. emails—asking about major requirements or class availability or is there any scholarship money for polka dancers who write poetry?—can take a toll on the most patient of administrators. Use one form on a department website to help centralize all requests for information. Formstack is also a great solution for putting departmental applications online—it can handle scholarship applications, independent study proposals, M.A./Ph.D. candidacy forms, and more. With the Approval Workflow feature, individuals can move applicants on to the next stage with just a click.

Prospective Students

Do your departmental websites have a way for potential students to connect with a real person? With Formstack, users can sign up prospective students for tours, let them choose classes to sit in on, or connect with student ambassadors.

Did You Know?

One out of five students removed a university from consideration after a bad experience with the school’s website. Quick responses help strengthen the bond between department and student.


Course Evaluations

Students want to feel like their opinions are important and affecting change in a department. But does anyone even see the evaluations that are stuck in some filing cabinet? Formstack helps departments streamline course evaluations through customized online forms. Quickly, easily, and confidentially compile students’ evaluations of a course, and pass on the information to professors and administration. Using our Analytics function, department heads can look for trends to develop their faculty into better instructors.


Formstack's simple online form builder can help you improve communications and streamline data collection. Formstack offers fantastic features to help you engage with your digital audience and capture more responses.

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