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Simplify your employee performance evaluations

Create a consistent, manageable, and automated employee evaluation system that streamlines reviews and approvals.

Automate your review process

Employees are hungry for feedback, and evaluations are key to driving their engagement. With Formstack, you can create seamless review processes that help you accurately gauge employee performance and facilitate better communication between direct reports and managers.

Powerful automation tools for busy HR teams

With these tools, you’ll save time, better meet the needs of employees and managers, and create more successful performance appraisal workflow processes.
Fast data collection
Fast data collection

Build beautifully branded performance evaluation forms in minutes that employees and managers can fill out from any device.

Seamless document creation
Seamless document creation

Use the data you collect to automatically generate documents related to the review process, such as reports and PDFs that compile feedback.

Easy eSignature capture
Easy eSignature capture

Let employees and managers sign off on reviews from the convenience of their mobile phone, tablet, or computer. No faxing or scanning required.

Fast data collection
Smooth data sharing

Use intuitive data routing and logic tools to safely share review information across managers, team members, and departments.

Automated workflows
Automated workflows

Streamline the review process with a single performance appraisal workflow form that allows employees and managers to complete, comment on, and review different steps.

Powerful security
Powerful security

Keep employee data secure with robust security tools, including data encryption, SSL, reCAPTCHA, and several types of compliance.

Create an automated performance evaluation system

With Formstack, you can build a smooth performance appraisal workflow without needing to loop in your IT team.

An employee is sent an annual self-assessment form via email that includes sections related to their strengths, weaknesses, how well they mesh with the company’s culture, and what they think of their manager.


After the employee hits submit, a notification is sent to their manager that tells them it’s time to complete their portion of the form. The manager completes their assessment of the employee and clicks submit.


Data from the completed review form is automatically sent to Formstack Documents so a PDF version can be generated and sent to the employee and their manager for easy review. A copy of the PDF is also stored in the HR department’s Google Drive for reference during future reviews.


The manager and employee have a meeting to go over the review together and use the PDF to guide their conversation as they discuss each other’s comments and feedback.


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