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Formstack Product Roundup: Q2 2018

July 6, 2018
Min Read

Is another quarter over already? The second quarter of 2018 had us busy at Formstack pushing out updates to existing products and even launching a brand new one. Read more below about all we accomplished this past quarter at Formstack.

Formstack Go and Offline Forms

We’ve launched a new add-on that will allow you to collect submissions without an internet connection. Our new Offline Forms can help you and your employees complete forms from anywhere.Offline Forms works inside our new Formstack Go mobile app on Android and iOS devices. Once you download the app, you can log into your account and select the form(s) you would like to submit. Forms can be submitted online, or they can be collected offline and sync back to your account when you reconnect to the internet. Offline Forms and the Formstack Go mobile app are great for inspection forms, waivers and contracts, event registration, conference lead collection, or sales call notes.

Formstack Go Offline App

Read more about this new add-on here, or download it for yourself.

Users and Groups Update

Adding users to your account has never been easier with our new Users and Groups overhaul. We combined the Users and Groups panels in your profile and updated the interface for a more intuitive experience.Previously, it was only possible to add one user at a time. Formstack now allows you to upload users via a CSV, set their permissions, and assign them to a group—all in one simple process. This is a huge win for users who need to add a lot of users for workflow and approval processes.

Formstack Users and Groups

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use multiple users in your Formstack account, read more here.

Community Forms for NativeCloud

We’re excited to announce that our Salesforce app customers on our HIPAA compliant NativeCloud plan now have the ability to access Community Forms. Community Forms allow customers to deploy their forms inside their Salesforce community without heavy coding or Visualforce pages.NativeCloud and Community Forms are great for customers in financial, government, and healthcare industries. Community Forms can be used to create a customer portal for banking customers to request a change to their account, new checks, or to close an account. They can also be used in hospitals or speciality practices so patients can log into a portal to submit an appointment request or update their personal information.Learn everything about Formstack’s Community Forms for Salesforce Community Cloud here.

Other Updates

No update is too small to celebrate at Formstack, so here are some other enhancements we’ve added over the past quarter.

Authorize.Net Integration Update

Our Authorize.Net integration now has the ability to save credit card numbers so they can be charged at a later date. When setting up the integration, you can now selected the authorize only option. This will not charge the user when the form is submitted; instead, it will pass and store the information in Authorize.Net, so you can process the payment at a later date. Read more about our new Authorize.Net payments functionality here.

Enhanced Database Encryption

We’ve updated our database so that all submission data stored inside your account is encrypted. You won’t see anything new inside your account, but you can rest assured that your information is more secure than ever.

Additional Data Points for Portals

Portals users now have extra data points inside their submissions. Submissions entered through a form on a Portal will now show the participant’s email, what form was submitted, and the name of the Portal. Interested in learning more about Portals? Read more here.

New HIPAA Integration and Feature

Formstack HIPAA customers now have two new tools in their accounts. HIPAA customers can now access the Partial Submissions feature when using the Conversion Kit. We’ve also updated our Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration to be HIPAA compliant. Customers can use these new additions to capture more information and help nurture prospects into patients.

Until Next Time

Q2 is a wrap! We’ve pushed out some awesome new features and updated existing ones, all while tackling bugs and other enhancements in the background. Q3 looks to be another amazing quarter, and we can’t wait to share our new updates and features with you. Stay tuned for more!


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