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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

With Formstack's Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration you can add subscribers from any Formstack form into your Marketing Cloud email marketing campaign — with just a few simple clicks.

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Use with any type of online form including order forms, surveys, event registration and more. You can also collect data with a form on a landing page and/or a micro site.

With Formstack's Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration you can:

  • Automatically add contacts to your Marketing Cloud subscriber database
  • Add subscribers to be included in triggered sends
  • Include subscriber attributes to any contact
  • Add subscribers to one or more subscriber list(s)

The Formstack Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an automated email marketing solution. Eliminate the manual process of adding subscribers individually or importing them into your Marketing Cloud subscriber list. The Formstack integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to take contact information from any Formstack form and automatically transfer it to any email marketing campaign!

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