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Top 5 Practical Ways to Use Formstack in Nonprofit Management

July 3, 2018
Min Read

Formstack’s online form technology gives organizations an easy way to collect and manage information. No matter the industry or business size, our smart online forms can be customized for every team and any problem.To help you better understand what’s possible with Formstack, let’s take a closer look at just one industry: nonprofit. Here are 5 key ways Formstack can move your nonprofit management workflows along:

1. Volunteer Sign-Ups

Most nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers to help carry out the organization’s mission. This means collecting and processing volunteer sign-ups needs to be an efficient process. To this end, Formstack has several beneficial offerings:

  • An online volunteer registration form that can live on your website and seamlessly gather information from those interested in volunteering with your organization
  • A Google Calendar integration that can automatically create calendar appointments for registered activities
  • Email routing that can immediately send sign-up submissions to the appropriate staff member for timely coordination

2. Online Donations

No matter what your nonprofit’s key focus area, collecting monetary donations is an important piece of the puzzle. Without a steady stream of financial gifts, you can’t offer as many programs or help as many people. Formstack provides several tools to help streamline and boost donations:

3. Program Registrations

Most nonprofit organizations are built around their program offerings—or the organized set of resources and activities intended to serve those in need. Formstack can help you streamline your program registrations through these powerful features:

  • Electronic program registration forms that allow you to easily collect and manage registrant information
  • Conditional Logic that helps screen registrants and take them down the proper registration path
  • Email marketing integrations that automatically add registrants to a relevant email list for seamless program communications

Need proof? LoveYourBrain Foundation, a nonprofit that supports people affected by traumatic brain injury, used Formstack’s native Salesforce forms to simplify a complex registration process for its flagship yoga program.

4. Corporate Sponsorships

Many nonprofits get a boost in funds by hosting events and securing corporate sponsorships. To help this strategy work for your organization, here’s what Formstack provides:

  • Online sponsorship or partnership inquiry forms that give corporations an easy way to contact you about sponsoring an event
  • A Workflows feature that significantly streamlines the sponsorship approval process by letting multiple people (e.g., potential sponsors, managers, the leadership team, and the finance department) participate
  • Electronic signatures that allow you to get proper acknowledgement on sponsor contracts

5. Newsletter Subscriptions

Having a group of people who champion your cause is invaluable. One way to grow this group is by sending out regular newsletters detailing the charitable work your organization is doing and the impact it's having. Grow your newsletter subscription list faster with these Formstack features:

Nonprofit managers juggle countless tasks and projects that can be simplified with a data management solution like Formstack. Click here for further insights on our nonprofit management solutions.


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