WePay Integration

Our integration with WePay gives you the power of one of the most popular applications to collect and manage money online with the simplicity of Formstack's online form builder.

Whether you need a simple order form or a complicated event registration form, Formstack and WePay make it easy. WePay works well for organizations that need to collect money from groups of people. Use WePay and Formstack to start collecting money on-form today with no merchant account or programming required!

What can you do with Formstack + WePay?

  • Collect money from individuals or groups of any size
  • Keep track of who needs to pay and who already paid their bill
  • Request payments from members in your group
  • Send bills online, track payments, and send out payment reminders

Use WePay and Formstack To:

  • Collect event registration fees for your organization, sorority, fraternity, or club
  • Sell tickets to your small business event or conference
  • Collect online donations for your nonprofit
  • Sell tickets for your upcoming sporting event

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