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Act-On Integration

Empower your lead nurture and data management by combining
the power of Act-On and Formstack.

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Act-On is a robust lead nurturing tool, but users often find they need a little help with their forms to bring out the platform's best potential. Using an online form builder like Formstack in tandem with Act-On is a great way to improve your lead nurturing efforts. Use Formstack's integration with Act-On to pass data into the platform seamlessly and automate your email list segmentation. Easy-to-use web forms, flexible embedding options, and a suite of conversion features make it simple to boost your lead capture and improve your marketing efforts.

With Formstack's Act-On integration, you can:

  • Build easy-to-use, mobile-friendly forms
  • Access multiple embedding options
  • Boost subscriber numbers with exclusive optimization features
  • Use Conditional Logic for quick email list segmentation
  • Reduce time spent getting leads into your marketing platform

How It Works


Quickly build your contact forms, newsletter signups, and registrations with our intuitive builder. Easy drag and drop lets you add in fields and create a ready-to-go form in minutes.


Turn on the integration within the Integrations tab by logging into your Act-On account within the Formstack app. Submitted form data will route to the appropriate area in your Act-On account.


Add Conditional Logic to your forms to gather and segment valuable lead data. Populate Act-On fields in advanced ways by combining fields based on form logic.


Capture even more leads by optimizing your forms. Powerful features like Partial Submissions, A/B Testing, and Field Bottlenecks quickly reveal the areas that need improvement.

"The integration between Formstack and Act-On is spot on! We love the flexibility of Formstack forms, which erases the need of having to jump through hoops to get our leads into our marketing platform. This integration makes it so simple, and leads show up instantly in our Act-On lists."

Julie Watts, Manager, Design & Development, Vortala

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