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Formstack Capsule Zap Integration

Use the power of Formstack to quickly update your Capsule CRM account with new leads, customers, and other contacts.

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Capsule CRM is an online customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps marketers track and effectively manage the people and companies they do business with. With Formstack's Zap integration, you can quickly send form data to Capsule and automatically create new contacts, cases, and opportunities. Use optimized lead generation forms to convert your best customers, create new opportunities for your sales pipeline, and save time for your team.

Use Formstack's Capsule CRM integration to:

  • Build contact forms, newsletter signups, and registrations with our intuitive builder
  • Collect new leads and contacts with optimized lead gen forms
  • Auto-create new cases for your marketing team
  • Establish opportunities for your sales team
  • Reduce time spent getting leads into your CRM platform

What You Need

To access the Formstack Capsule Zap, you need:

What Are Zapier and Capsule?

Not familiar with either Zapier or Capsule CRM? Here's what you need to know.


Zapier is a web automation app that lets you create custom integrations between platforms. The possibilities of what you can create are literally endless!


Capsule is a CRM tool for growing businesses. Store and manage leads, customers, and other business contacts from the comfort of one intuitive platform.

Formstack and Capsule In Action

Read more about the Capsule CRM integration on our Support page.

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