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Capsule CRM Integration

Quickly collect and manage leads for your marketing team with Formstack's Capsule CRM integration.

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Capsule CRM is an online customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps marketers keep track of and effectively manage the people and companies they do business with. With Formstack's integration, you can quickly send form data to Capsule and automatically create new contacts, cases, or opportunities. Use optimized lead generation forms to convert your best customers, create new opportunities for your sales pipeline, and save time for your team.

Use Formstack's Capsule CRM integration to:

  • Build contact forms, newsletter signups, and registrations with our intuitive builder
  • Collect new leads and contacts with optimized lead gen forms
  • Auto-create new cases for your marketing team
  • Establish opportunities for your sales team
  • Reduce time spent getting leads into your CRM platform

What You Need

How It Works


Quickly build mobile-ready payment forms, donation forms, and event registrations with our intuitive builder. Easy drag and drop lets you add in fields and create a ready-to-go form in minutes.


Turn on the integration by logging into your Capsule account within the Formstack app. You can choose which fields will be mapped and sent to Capsule with each submission.


Use the powerful tools in Formstack's Conversion Kit to optimize your lead gen forms and send a greater number of quality leads and contacts to your Capsule CRM account.

To learn more about setup, please read this Help article.

"Formstack is powerful. We were able to increase signups by 114% and save over 50 hours of development time with just one Formstack form."

Erik Gonzalez, Founder & Director of Internet Marketing, Miami Web Company

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