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Formstack Marketo Integration

Create & update person records (or leads) automatically with Formstack’s Marketo integration. Easily map form fields and more.

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Need a more powerful way to capture and manage lead information in Marketo? Feed form data from Formstack into your Marketo account. Our easy-to-use Marketo integration lets you collect, sync, and update data through engaging forms and surveys. No coding knowledge needed! Optimize your lead capture campaigns and unlock key Formstack features for your marketing and sales teams, including flexible form management & publishing, A/B testing, and powerful analytics & conversion tools.

  • Map form fields to your fields in Marketo
  • Create or update person records (leads) in your Marketo account
  • Exceed your lead generation goals with high-converting forms & surveys

This Marketo integration is one of Formstack's Advanced Integrations - sign up here.

What You Need

  • Marketo account
  • Formstack account

How It Works

Build Forms

Quickly build mobile-friendly forms from scratch or get a head start with a pre-made template.


Once you've signed up for our integration pack, connect your Formstack & Marketo accounts.

Map Data

Easily map the data from your Formstack form(s) to your person record (lead) objects in Marketo.


Turn on the integration, and the data sync from Formstack to Marketo will become automated.

Optimize your lead capture in Marketo.

Connect with us to learn how Formstack's Advanced Integrations add-on can help you unify data across platforms.