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Employee Transfer Request Form Template

Employee Transfer Request Form Template

Simplify and streamline employee transfers with this customizable template.

Simplify your workflows

Seamlessly move employees between departments with this customizable employee transfer request form. This mobile-friendly template lets you gather all the necessary details for a successful transfer quickly and effectively. Collect information on desired departments, scheduling needs, salary expectations, and more.

Simplify and streamline

Use this employee transfer request form as the basis for building a seamless approval workflow to keep everyone in the loop. Advanced form-building features make it easy to have submissions sent automatically to the right personnel. Streamline further by using email logic to keep team members updated, set permissions to ensure only authorized users can see the request, and more.

Tailor to your needs

Take advantage of options for customizing your template until it matches your company’s unique processes. With more than 15 different drag-and-drop form fields, you can easily add, replace, and format as you see fit. Add dropdown menus and radio buttons when you want employees to select from a specific list of options, or select a Long Answer field when you need to gather more details.

Collect signatures quickly

There’s no need to scan, save, or store signatures. In addition to workflows that automate approvals, your employees can use touchscreens or mousepads to sign your employee transfer request form electronically. Each digital signature you collect will be stored as an image file within your Formstack account, right alongside other data related to the employee transfer process.

Protect your company data

From single sign-on logins to high-level data encryption, you’ll have safeguards in place to secure every bit of sensitive information related to employee transfers. Easily add extra layers of protection to ensure only authorized users can access the employee data you collect, and keep it encrypted as you send and share submissions across departments.

If you look around, there are always going to be more ways you can use Formstack to reduce roadblocks and hurdles within your business.
Joseph Mitton
Director of Marketing and Communications at Select Security

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