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Formstack Product Roundup: Q2 2019

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Welcome to summer! Even as many of our team members begin to take some much deserved time off of work, we haven’t slowed down our release schedule. We had a busy second quarter this year and launched some projects that have been months in the making. Keep reading to see what we’ve been up to this past quarter.

PCI Compliance

In Q2 2019, we achieved PCI compliance across our Form solution! Now, users can use Formstack forms to securely process credit card payment information without leaving the platform. Our PCI compliant forms help protect your business from the risk of a breach and earn the trust of your customers. 

Learn More: Read about Formstack’s PCI compliance standards.

Release Management

This quarter, we created a set of tools for our Salesforce app customers to support them as they work through the Salesforce Application Lifecycle Management framework. We wanted to make sure our clients could quickly and easily develop inside their sandboxes and push changes to their production orgs with confidence. With our Release Management toolkit, form building in your sandbox is a breeze. 

Salesforce release management toolkit

Our Release Management toolkit is made up of two new features:

  1. Form Migration: Easily move forms from one sandbox to another with a single click. This is great for Salesforce admins who like to build and test their processes in sandbox orgs before rolling them out to production.
  2. Sandbox Management: With these tools, you no longer need to contact Formstack Support when you need to refresh your sandbox. Quickly move Formstack licenses between your sandbox orgs to and keep your dev teams on track.

Get it Now: Release Management is available on our Enterprise Plus plan.


We’ve added a great way to collect payments with our new ProPay integration. This payment integration is the fastest and easiest way to start collecting payments with your forms. With ProPay, you can set up an account and start collecting payments without ever leaving the Formstack platform!

ProPay integration collect payments with online forms

Our ProPay integration is great for: 

  • Donations: Get support by creating a simple way for volunteers to donate to your organization. Add ProPay to your form and payment can be accepted automatically.
  • Event Registrations: Selling tickets to an upcoming event? Use Event fields on your form along with ProPay to make registration easier for guests.
  • Merchandise: Easily set up calculations on your form to sell products to your customers right from your website. It only takes a simple form to create a great shopping experience.

We’re excited to offer the ProPay integration to all of our customers. With low transaction fees it really is a great new tool that allows anyone to start collecting payments fast. Learn how easy it is to start using ProPay now!

But wait, there’s more!

Add-on Automation: This quarter, we gave customers the power to trial any of our add-ons from right inside their Formstack account. You can now take our Portals, Conversion Kit, and Workflows add-ons for a spin by following these steps:

Click the quadrant button at the left of the icon row.

Portals, Conversion Kit, and Workflows add-on automation

After this screen appears, click the Start Trial button to begin!

Portals, Conversion Kit, and Workflows add-on automation trial

Formstack Go Improvements: Our Formstack Go app got a facelift. We added some new functionality to make it easier to know whether you’re online or offline and squashed some bugs in the process.

Subaccounts Management: Formstack partners will be happy with the updates to our subaccounts feature. You can now easily add and remove subaccounts for your clients without having to go through our support team. Interested in becoming a Formstack partner? Let’s talk.

There’s Plenty More Where That Came From!

Not only have we knocked out some big projects, but our developers have been killing bugs and constantly updating our code base so we can roll out new features faster than ever. 

We had a great second quarter, and we’re already excited for what’s to come in Q3. We’ve got some new products and features in the pipeline that are going to bring more efficiency and productivity to your team. First one for Q3: our acquisition of InsureSign! 

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