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New to ecommerce? Formstack's ProPay integration is the fastest and easiest way to collect payments online.

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What is ProPay?

ProPay is a cost-effective alternative to traditional payment processors. If you're new to online payment collection, Formstack's ProPay integration is a safe and easy way to get started. Quickly create custom online forms that you can use to collect payments from customers. Setup is quick and simple. Easily sell your merchandise, accept donations, collect membership dues, and more.

Enhance your data collection

Collect online payments seamlessly.

Use the ProPay integration to automate your payment collection so you don't have to worry about writing down credit card numbers or taking them over the phone.

Easily sync data across systems

Gain the trust of your customers.

Formstack can help you meet compliance standards with PCI compliant credit card fields. Easily protect the information customers submit on your payment forms.

Map fields between platforms

Take advantage of low transaction fees.

ProPay has lower transaction fees compared to other payment processors like Stripe, Authorize.Net, and PayPal. The standard transaction rate is 2.6% + 0.30 Transaction rates for American Express cards are slightly higher at 3.00% + 0.30.

How It Works


Create sleek payment forms.

Easily create mobile-friendly payment forms with our drag-and-drop builder, or give yourself a head start with a premade template.


Set up your ProPay account.

Sign up for a ProPay account directly in Formstack and finish your setup in the ProPay platform. You'll be ready to process payments in no time.


Automate your payment collection.

Sit back and let our ProPay integration do the hard work for you. No cash transactions or manual payment collection needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What plan level do I need to use the ProPay integration?

The ProPay integration is available to all paid customers in the U.S.

Are there any setup fees?

There is a $5 setup fee and an additional $4 per month cost for ProPay.

What card types can I process?

The ProPay integration works with Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Ready to get started?

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