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Formstack Product Roundup: Q2 2017

July 12, 2017
Min Read

Welcome to the Formstack product roundup! We have been super busy this past quarter creating a new add-on and improving our application. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to:

A New Add-on Feature

Our Workflows Add-on

We’ve released a new add-on called Workflows. The Workflows add-on helps you take complex business processes and automate them into simple workflows. Workflows gets your processes working for you, instead of against you.

Formstack Workflows

The Workflows add-on allows multiple users to review, edit, and complete your online forms. As your Workflow form passes from user to user, each participant is able to enter their information into the sections you’ve assigned. After all the information is submitted, the data combines into one submission.Workflows will help you streamline any frustrating process. It’s great for sales quotes, employee reviews, scholarship applications, and much more. Interested in getting a free trial of the Workflows add-on in your account? Contact our sales team, and they will set you up! Want to learn more about Workflows? Check out this blog post for even more information.

HIPAA Compliance Updates

Also this past quarter, we enhanced our HIPAA compliant plans by adding six new compliant integrations and a new feature that allows information to be shared securely via email.

New HIPAA Compliant Integrations

We’ve updated six of our current integrations to become HIPAA compliant. These new HIPAA compliant integrations can be used with a Formstack HIPAA account to pass information from your online forms to your backend systems—saving you from having to enter the data manually.Our six new HIPAA compliant integrations are:

  1. WebMerge: Instantly generate PDFs with submitted data from your form.
  2. Salesforce: Easily pass new patient and contact information into your CRM.
  3. Google Drive: Effortlessly collect, store, and share patient documents.
  4. Google Sheets: Auto-update spreadsheet fields with data from your forms.
  5. Google Calendar: Schedule patient appointments, meetings, and other events.
  6. Google Contacts: Quickly update or collect new patient contact information.

HIPAA Compliant Email

Sometimes the easiest way to get your submission information is through email, but you have to make sure your patients’ personal information is protected. We’ve updated our email security setting in our HIPAA compliant accounts, so you can now easily email electronic personal health information through your company’s secure email (SMTP) server. You get the information you need quickly and know that your patients’ records are secure. If you’re interested in learning more about this update, check out this support document.

Formstack HIPAA SMTP Emails

Improvements to Our Formstack Application

We’ve also made improvements to our Formstack app that include new pre-built form templates and a facelift to our Plugins page.

New Healthcare Form Templates

Are you wanting to start collecting healthcare information, but you don’t have time to create a form? Our in-app template library now has you covered. We updated our template library with many new healthcare-specific templates. Use online form templates like New Patient Registration and Medical History Form to collect patient information for your practice. But please note that if you are collecting protected health information (ePHI), you are required to be on our Formstack HIPAA plan.

Refreshed Plugins Interface

Our Product Design team revamped our in-app Plugins page for a better user experience. The new Plugins page design allows you to see what plugins are active on your form and gives you the ability to easily install new ones. These changes will help you quickly add new tools to your forms and enhance your data collection abilities.

Formstack In-App Plugins

Additional Updates

WordPress Integration

Our WordPress integration allows you to quickly embed a Formstack form onto your WordPress website. We went through our integration and improved the experience while resolving many bugs that were affecting our users. The result is that our WordPress integration is working better than ever. Now you can collect leads and process payments on your Wordpress website with ease. If you’re Interested in learning more about our WordPress integration, check it out here.

Portals Add-on Improvement

With the Portals Add-on, we’ve updated our external users limits, so you can decide how many external users you want to contact via Portals regardless of your Formstack plan. You now have the ability to choose between having 50, 500, or 1000 external users on your Portals account. Continue to use Portals to send groups of forms to internal users, but now decide how many additional external people you want to contact.

And More!

We’re always squashing bugs and enhancing our product so that we can provide you with the best form builder possible. We got a lot done this past quarter and are excited to bring you more exciting enhancements in Q3. See you then!

We started off this year with a bang! Check out our product roundup from last quarter down below!


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