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Start a Formstack Trial to Scale Your Org's Efficiency

Stefanie Jansen |
November 2, 2022
Min Read

There’s a reason people say “You have to see it to believe it.” Some things are just better up close and personal. 

Free trials and “try before you buy” opportunities give us a chance to test drive products, play around, and imagine ourselves in the driver’s seat before taking the plunge. You expect to get a feel for the product—but you don’t always expect to be wowed.

We’ve been told the Formstack Platform trial is a game changer. Not only is it completely free for 14 days (think of the work you could accomplish!), it’s a true in-platform experience—no limited features or scaled back environments. It’s the real deal. 

With the full Formstack Platform at your disposal, you can streamline data capture, automate document creation, and collect electronic signatures in one place. Having all this functionality in a single platform can help you achieve some pretty large goals. Here are some reasons to start a Formstack trial that you may not have considered. 

1. Use one tool across multiple departments.

Formstack was designed to eliminate the manual workflows that push paper around your office. Even when some of your data is digitized, it can be difficult to share across teams when each department uses its own software. For instance, marketing needs to be able to send captured leads to sales when they’re ready for follow-up, and closed deals must go to finance for signing and payment. But do each team’s apps talk to each other? 

During your trial, you’ll quickly see how Formstack’s Copilot feature combines data capture, document generation, and eSignature collection into one workflow builder. With Copilot, anyone in your organization can go from idea to solution in just a few clicks. Easily spot gaps in your processes and adapt your workflows as your needs evolve—all from the convenience of a single drag-and-drop workflow builder.

Plus, you’ll experience how easy it is to share data across team members and departments. Easily create a common workflow that your organization would typically use—no coding required. Then, publish the workflow and share with anyone and everyone who needs to be a part of it. No muss, no fuss. 

Hear how Andrew Beavers of SU Australia traded stacks of paperwork for more time to make a difference in the lives of young people with digital workflows.

2. Automate your workflows with ease. 

Overwhelmed by the push toward digital transformation? Large implementations require vast time, resources, and guidance. Some projects even fail due to lack of planning and complex technology. But simply adding automated workflows helps you take small, yet impactful, steps toward a digital workplace. 

Formstack provides an easy way for teams in any industry to join the digital era. (And with a 14-day trial, it’s also risk-free!) See what it feels like to automate crucial processes and give everyone access to important forms, customer data, contracts, project documents, and more with the click of a button. This is especially helpful in an age where remote work is more common and co-workers may not always be a cubicle away. 

Listen Now: Navigating Digital Transformation with Drew Weiss 

3. House data in one convenient location.

How many different applications does your organization use across departments? 10? 50? Even one app creates loads of data for you to manage. And before you know it, you’ve erected data silos that keep valuable information from necessary stakeholders, affecting team performance and customer experiences.

Formstack is experienced in knocking down silos. Our workplace productivity platform combines online forms, workflow automation, document generation, and electronic signatures in one place. No accessing servers, tracking down files, or pestering a co-worker for what you need. Plus, Formstack integrates with 250+ popular applications so you can take action on your data no matter where it lives. 

Pro Tip: Even if you start a Formstack trial to learn about forms and lead capture, don’t forget to take Formstack Documents and Sign for a spin too and see how the platform tools seamlessly work together.  

Watch as Ehren Stover-Wright of ICA shares how Formstack helped his team gather data more efficiently and improve data quality.

4. Start scaling for the future. 

This outcome may be the biggest benefit of all during your trial period. Today, 51% of workers still spend at least two hours per day on repetitive tasks. But when workflows are automated, teams have more time to focus on innovation, relationships, and processes that scale the business for greater future growth. Plus, digital processes, documents, and signatures give your clients a more convenient way to interact with you, prompting more satisfactory experiences that improve your bottom line. 

The Formstack Platform doesn’t just help you create workflows that make your work easier today. We make it easy to scale your software in the future as your organization grows and becomes more tech-savvy with:

Scaling across the business is also simpler with the Formstack Platform. When teams have a common system to share data, send assets for approval, or track performance, it also boosts company ROI. No more duplicate tools, wasted spending, or siloed data. Formstack takes the place of department-specific productivity apps to make cross-functional workflows smarter and more beneficial with automation. 

Automate more with the Formstack Platform callout

Formstack is Easy to Use (and Even Easier to Try)

You may have started out searching for a tool that can digitize your forms or make contracts easier with electronic signatures. But the Formstack Platform is greater than the sum of its parts, and what you get at the end of your free trial is so much more than features and functionality. Take a peek at how work improves when you use Formstack to power your workflows and campaigns—and never return to manual processes again! 

Discover how the Formstack Platform can make your team more efficient than ever. Start your free 14-day trial today.


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Stefanie Jansen |
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