Vaccination Record Form Template

Track the administration of vaccines quickly and efficiently with this easy-to-use vaccination record template.

Simplify your workflows

Making sure the proper vaccinations have been completed is a vital part of staying safe when starting school, joining an athletic team, or planning an international trip. Traveling with paper documents between doctor’s offices can be a hassle for both patients and doctors. Implement this form in your workflow today to collect the information you need without the burden of excessive paperwork.

Eliminate paper processes

It can be difficult for doctor’s offices to make the transition from paper to electronic workflows. EHRs can be hard to deal with and are often unable to communicate with other doctors or specialists. Use Formstack’s Email Confirmations tool to make sure your vaccination records get to the right people fast.

Stay HIPAA compliant

The security of patient health information (PHI) is of the utmost importance. With our vaccination record template, you can collect, store, and export patient data securely with our HIPAA compliant solution. Make the switch to digital forms and protect your information with advanced data encryption, user-level permissions, audit logging, and dedicated security maintenance.

Collect data on mobile

Make it simple and easy to collect the information you need from students and parents with our vaccination record form template. Our healthcare forms are mobile-friendly out of the box and can be completed and signed anywhere. Best of all, there is no coding required with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder.

Easily collect signatures

Vaccination records often require a signature from both the patient and the doctor. Formstack allows you to collect and send signatures easily on a phone or tablet using your finger or a stylus. All signatures are saved as image files and stored safely in Formstack's database for future reference.

Using Formstack reduces failure when bringing in new patients. It increases efficiency and cuts down on data entry for both patients and staff.
Dr. Chris Bojrab
President of Indiana Health Group

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