Software Request

Stop inundating IT with one-off app requests over email. Instead, streamline the process with a digitized form that keeps everyone informed.

Simplify your workflows

Is your IT department swamped with requests? Use a request form to digitize the process, streamline manager approvals, and get employees the tools they need to reach productivity faster.

Help employees get back to work

Speed up the approval process with Formstack Approvals by creating a seamless online workflow that keeps managers and business ops directors in-the-know for your software request form template. No more long email threads, lost paperwork, scanning, or faxing! All of your data is conveniently stored in one place where you can oversee the approval process.

Automate internal communications

Set up email confirmations to keep employees aware of the status of their request. You can customize emails with logic so different employee requests trigger different messaging based on the data submitted in the software request form. Make sure IT customer service is running smoothly while keeping team members in the loop.

Track service metrics

Formstack’s reporting tools allow managers to track how much time IT is spending responding and closing software requests. Pinpoint which software is most often requested and how much lead time the department needs for installation. Then, export your findings to one of our many integrations.

Stay secure

Ensure only trusted sources can access your software request form template with Formstack Single Sign-On (SSO). Protect the company from outside threats with a reliable, secure, one-time login for all your Formstack users, including managers and approvers. You can also keep out untrusted, unapproved software by customizing your request form to only include certain programs with Conditional Logic.

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