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Application for Ethical Review Renewal Form Template

Application for Ethical Review Renewal Form Template

Use this template to streamline how you renew ethical review renewal applications.

Simplify your workflows

The projects conducted by students across your organization can be lengthy and complex. If you follow a review process for each semester or school year to check in on progress, you may be accumulating a lot of paperwork and unread emails. Take the hassle out of your review process with this application renewal form template. With Formstack, you can simplify how you manage your review process with features that make collecting, storing, and sharing data a breeze.

Customize the form to suit your needs

Your students are busy. You don't want them to waste time repeatedly submitting the same information. For each section of your renewal form, add a box for students to check if nothing has changed. Add Conditional Logic to shorten your form by only showing questions relevant to the student.

Multiple approvers

Several staff members will likely need to approve this document before your students can continue working. Make approvals quick and easy by adding this ethical renewal form template to a portal. With Portals, you can bundle your forms together, track completion status, and send email reminders.

Collect eSignatures

If your approval process includes signing off on documents, this form template comes equipped with an eSignature field. Create workflows to easily use form data to create documents and collect signatures using Formstack Sign.

Stay flexible

Give your students the flexibility to complete their renewal documents on their own time. With Formstack's Save & Resume feature, students can work through the document at their own pace. This feature will send student applicants a link to their partially completed form and give them 30 days to finish working.

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