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3 Formstack Documents Integrations That Simplify Workflows

Ashley Alexander
August 4, 2021
Min Read

Paper processes stifle efficiency, negatively impact productivity, and even pose a security risk. They’re also expensive, with the average office worker using over 10,000 sheets of paper a year. However, many organizations still struggle to remove paper from their workflows. 

With Formstack Documents, businesses can eliminate paperwork by automating document creation. Instead of having to use paper or manually enter information, workers can use data from online forms or systems such as CRMs to automatically generate custom proposals, contracts, agreements, letters, and other files.

Automating processes with Formstack Documents is a fantastic way for businesses to save time and cut down on paper costs. But how does it work? To learn more, let’s take a look at three of Formstack Document’s top integrations and how they help organizations better manage their document workflows.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free Google service that lets you access your photos, documents, and videos from anywhere. Combined with Formstack Documents, you can use data from third-party apps to generate custom PDFs, Word documents, and other files and send them directly to your Drive. This ensures that files will never become misplaced and can be easily accessed by anyone on your team no matter where they’re located. You can even send documents to specific folders in your Drive depending on what project or client they fall under. By automating your document storage processes, your team will be able to stay organized and handle customer needs more quickly.


Dropbox is another popular file-hosting service that offers cloud storage and file synchronization. By combining Dropbox with Formstack Documents, you can populate data from third-party apps like your CRM into custom PDFs, Word documents, and other files and send them to your Dropbox account. Similar to Google Drive, you can choose specific folders to route documents to depending on what type of document is being created and what information it contains. But perhaps the greatest advantage of the Dropbox integration is that it is HIPAA compliant. If your organization uses Dropbox and manages patient information or other sensitive data, this integration is a great option for automating your document storage workflows.


Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams can collaborate from anywhere, allowing them to streamline processes and keep customers happy. When paired with Formstack’s Documents for Salesforce integration, you can pull Salesforce contact data into mapped fields within your document templates. This saves time on manual data entry and allows teams to create custom, engaging sales documents in minutes. Rules can be built directly into your document templates, and data can be sent to multiple documents at once. The best part? After documents are generated, you can send them to customers for review via email or text with Formstack Sign. You’ll never have to print, mail, or fax documents for signature again.

Connecting these systems to Formstack Documents is a fast, easy way to simplify document workflows, improve the customer experience, and help team members be more productive. But we’ve only touched the surface on how Documents can support your organization. Explore other Formstack Documents integrations and features by starting a 14-day free trial.


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Ashley Alexander
Ashley is the Senior Copywriter at Formstack. She spends most of her time writing, reviewing, and editing copy for web pages, emails, sales docs, and other promotional content. Before joining the Formstack team, she studied Professional Writing, Creative Writing, and Anthropology at Purdue University. She currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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