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Google Drive Integration

Connect your online forms to Google Drive to safely store, organize, and share uploaded files on any device.

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Google Drive is a free Google service that lets you access your photos, documents, and videos from anywhere. With Formstack's Google Drive integration, you can send file uploads from your forms directly to your Google Drive storage account. Get up to 15GB of extra storage space, organize submitted file uploads into different folders, and quickly share them with others.

With Formstack's Google Drive integration you can:

  • Bypass Formstack's account storage limits with a cloud-based storage system
  • Easily collect and store documents, images, and videos in your Google Drive storage account
  • Organize your documents and other file uploads into different Google Drive folders
  • Add tags to your upload names for easy file searching and organization

What You Need

How It Works



Quickly build mobile-ready forms with our intuitive builder. Easy drag and drop lets you add fields and create a ready-to-go form in minutes.



Turn on the integration by logging into your Google account within the Formstack app, and choose file and folder paths for submitted file uploads.



Send file uploads to different Drive folders and share them with your team. You can add tags to your file names for easier searching and organization.

Google Drive for Healthcare

Want to avoid the tedious task of scanning paperwork into your healthcare system? Formstack's Google Drive integration is fully HIPAA compliant! Use mobile-friendly forms to quickly collect files and documents from patients and pass them safely into your Google Drive account.

If you would like to get started with this integration, connect with us to learn more.

Please note: You must have available space in your Google Drive storage account in order for files to be successfully transferred. In general, you are able to upload a maximum of 25MB of data per form and a maximum of 20 file upload fields from a form. Keep in mind that only file uploads will be sent to Drive and not actual form submissions.

To learn more about setting up this integration, please read this Help article.

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