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Google Drive Integration

By using the Formstack's Google Drive integration you'll be able to receive the amount of storage we provide in addition to the free 15GB of storage Google provides its new users.

Need to separate your files within different folders? No problem. When you create your Formstack account and set up the integration, you'll be able to create or select one of your Drive folders in which to direct all file uploads.

With Formstack's Google Drive integration you can:

  • Store images and collateral in one area that is accessible to your entire team.
  • Choose a specific folder you would like to send files to.
  • Modify the file prefix and description.

Let our Google Drive integration collect and organize your files for you while saving you time. The Formstack integration with Drive allows you to take contact information from any Formstack form and automatically transfer it to any email marketing campaign!

Please note, you must have available storage in your Google Drive account in order for the files to be successfully transferred. In general, you are able to upload a maximum of 25MB of data per form and a maximum of 20 file upload fields to Drive from a form.

Try Formstack for FREE or demo our product to get started. Read more about the Google Drive integration on our support site.