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Formstack Product Roundup: Q3 2017

October 18, 2017
Min Read

Welcome to another product roundup! We spent a lot of time last quarter updating our most popular features to make them easier for you to use. Here’s an update on what we accomplished:

Workflows and Portals Updates

In Q3 we made important updates to our Workflows and Portals add-ons.

Workflows Preview

The Workflows preview feature allows you to preview your Workflow form before you publish it. This new tool helps you visualize what each step of your Workflow form looks like for participants, as well as how it will flow between Formstack users. Use the preview feature to share your new workflow with others so that everyone involved understands the process. Read more about previewing your workflows here.

Formstack Workflows Preview - Paged View

Workflows Edits

We also released a Workflows update that allows a published Workflow form to be modified. With the new Workflows edits feature, you are able to unpublish your Workflow forms, make changes to the forms or Workflow processes, and republish them for users to submit. The Workflows edits feature allows you to constantly evolve and iterate on your workflows over time. Learn more about editing your workflows here.

Formstack Workflows Edits

Workflows Templates

Our in-app templates also received an update. You are now able to use in-app templates to start your Workflow form. There are pre-built templates ready to go for human resources, healthcare, education, IT, and more. Start building your workflow process with a new template today.

Portals Updates

We’ve improved our Portals add-on by updating the onboarding experience. This new onboarding process makes it easier for you to group your forms together and send them out to other Formstack users. If you’re interested in learning how the Portals add-on can help you track your form submissions, read more here.

Updates for HIPAA customers

HIPAA Webhooks

Our new HIPAA compliant webhooks allow our customers to send secure information to the systems they already use. If you are a user on our HIPAA compliant plans, you are now able to integrate your software with Formstack and pass submission data via a HIPAA compliant webhook. This allows you to pair Formstack with your current systems to create powerful processes. If you're interested in learning more about HIPAA compliant webhooks, check out a few FAQs here.

HIPAA Google and Dropbox Integrations

Are you on a Formstack HIPAA compliant plan and need to send protected patient information to Google applications or Dropbox? Now you can with our HIPAA compliant Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Contacts, and Dropbox integrations. Use these integrations to more easily share information with others in your organization. Read more about these integrations and learn how to gain access to a HIPAA compliant plan here.

Additional Updates

Date/Time Logic

One of the most popular ideas on our Ideas site has become a reality. You are now able to base your form’s Conditional Logic on a Date/Time field. Use this new capability to have hidden fields appear if a certain date is selected. Learn more here.

Formstack Date/Time Logic

Date/Time Calculations

Our new Date/Time calculations allow you to perform calculations with a Date/Time field. This new functionality is great for counting the number of days between two dates, or for adding time to a date. For example, you can calculate a user’s age based on his or her birthday or count the number of days between a user’s check-in and check-out date. Learn more here.

Formstack Date/Time Calculation

Account Authentication Settings

We have added two additional options to single sign-on (SSO) settings to provide greater customer control over account security. One option allows account administrators to force logins to occur via the customer’s SSO provider(s), or to provide an option of SSO or Formstack authentication. The other option controls if an SSO authentication request should create a new Formstack user. You can use these new settings to increase the security of your Formstack account.

And Much More…

In addition to the new features and updates above, we’ve been squashing bugs and updating our code base to make room for even more features and integrations. We have exciting plans for Q4 this year and can’t wait to share them with you.

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