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Formstack Product Roundup: Q1 2019

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Whew! Q1 flew by and we were able to get so much accomplished at Formstack. Here are some of the amazing things our team was able to get done this quarter!

Workflows Improvements

You asked, and we listened! We focused heavily this quarter on releasing new features for our Workflows. We’re always looking for feedback from customers on how to improve our product, so if you have ideas to make Formstack better, submit them on our Ideas site inside your Formstack account.

Workflow Logic

You now have the ability to route Workflow forms forwards and backwards using logic. In the Workflow editor you’ll now see a new tab titled Logic. Here is where you can add functionality to route your forms.

formstack workflow logic

You can route forms forward to a future step or have the workflow marked as completed by setting up logic rules. Logic rules are applied after a form is submitted and the form is routed to the appropriate step. Forms can also be routed backward by the person completing the form. When completing a form, a user can select the link at the bottom of the form and route the form back to the previous submitter for updating.

We’re excited to release these new logic improvements and help our customers create more dynamic processes. Take some time now to learn more about how Workflows logic can improve your data management.

Workflow Step Reassignment

Another improvement we’ve recently made to Workflows is the ability to reassign an ongoing Workflow process. Every once in a while there is a time when a Workflow process gets stuck because an assigned participant is out of the office or the form was routed to the incorrect person. We updated our submissions table so that you are able to reassign in progress steps to other users in your account. Now you won’t ever have a Workflow get stuck again!

Learn More: About Workflows

Improvements Towards PCI Compliance

We’ve made some changes to our platform this quarter to help achieve PCI compliance. While we’re not PCI compliant yet, the work our team has accomplished this quarter gets us very close and we’re hoping to announce our compliance in Q2. Stay tuned for that announcement!

Want to know when we’re PCI compliant? Sign up for our blog newsletter to get the announcement sent straight to your inbox.

Account Security Settings

Formstack account security settings PCI compliance

Additionally, we have strengthened our account security and password requirements, including session timeouts, to limit unauthorized activity. Now, all accounts will have a default setting requiring the minimum character length of passwords to be six characters. Both these changes will play a major role in defending you against online security threats.

New Credit Card Field

Our new and improved Credit Card field lets you capture credit card payment information in a secure manner and better protects credit cardholders and issuers from security breaches and fraud. All old Credit Card fields have been removed from forms and replaced with this new Credit Card field.

Credit Card Field FAQs

Formstack Surveys

With our acquisition of QuickTapSurvey, Formstack is committed to proving a beautiful, mobile offline data capture experience for customers conducting surveys using the Formstack Go app. Several exciting features are currently in testing and will be rolling out in the next few months!

First on the list of new Formstack Surveys features: One Question at a Time

Standard Form with One Question at a Time is a snappy new layout designed for surveys and mobile devices. When respondents finish answering a question, the survey automatically scrolls to the next one. Currently in beta, this feature will become available to all customers in just a few weeks from now.

Read More About Formstack Surveys

That’s Not All

Custom SSO Field: We’ve updated our Single Sign-On (SSO) abilities so that you can now pull in custom information from your SSO provider. You can now use this custom field and information from your SSO provider to prefill forms when users log in with their SSO credentials.

Sandbox Management and Form Migration: We’ve made updates to our Salesforce App to give you better control over your sandbox. You can now easily manage which sandboxes have Formstack installed in them and easily migrate your forms between them. Contact our support team for more information.

If you’re ready to see Formstack in action, start your free 14-day trialananan now!


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