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The No-Code Healthcare Workflow You’ve Been Waiting For

September 7, 2021
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Everyone knows the feeling of being sick and just wanting some relief. The last thing you want is to wait in a long line or fill out endless paperwork. But as someone who works for a healthcare network, you know there’s a process to everything, and improving workflow in healthcare isn’t that easy.

Or is it?

These days, the most savvy and successful healthcare networks are throwing out the inefficient, manual processes of long ago and trading them in for healthcare workflow management that actually improves patient satisfaction—without sacrificing security. (In fact, eight of the 10 largest nonprofit ​​hospital systems use leading healthcare automation tools.)

The secret lies in no-code software. 

No-Code Improves Healthcare Workflows

Maybe you’ve heard of the no-code revolution. No-code is a type of software development that allows anyone to create digital applications without writing a single line of code. It involves using tools with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create a unique solution to a problem. The resulting solution can take many forms—from building mobile, voice, or ecommerce apps and websites to automating any number of tasks or processes.

It also has numerous applications in healthcare. It can automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks or build entirely new processes and applications in just days versus months. Plus, it enables workers of all technical levels to achieve great results with less time, money, resources, and infrastructure. No-code tools can benefit every part of the patient journey by helping you: 

  • Minimize IT reliance — Move at your own speed to launch new tools, apps, or workflows—no additional tech background required. 
  • Accelerate timelines — Get up and running in weeks, not months with intuitive no-code software. 
  • Simplify cross-departmental processes — No more data silos or cumbersome information sharing. Rely on one tool to streamline processes and workflows across all of your departments. 
  • Control workflows from start to finish — Have complete autonomy to move patient care forward with the power to build assets and digitize processes on your own. 

A Perfect Example of Healthcare Workflows

Your registration process is one of the first interactions your patients have with your organization. Meeting their expectations with a digital-first onboarding experience (not stacks of paper forms) is critical to building their loyalty. No-code healthcare tools allow you to easily:

  • Gather medical history
  • Collect signatures on consent documents
  • Automate appointment reminders and communications
  • Follow up with a satisfaction survey

Set up your own patient onboarding workflow with these Formstack products, features, and templates:

Products: Forms, Documents, Sign 
Email Confirmations and Notifications, eSigning Reminders  
Patient Registration Form, Medical Consent, Patient Satisfaction Survey  
Optional Integrations:
Google Calendar, PayPal, OneDrive

Pro tip: Have multiple forms you’d like your patients to complete at once? Portals can help you bundle new patient forms together in one place. 

But patient onboarding is by no means the only example of how no-code software benefits healthcare. From patient referrals to medical invoicing, you can streamline all of the back office processes that traditionally take up too much time and productivity in the healthcare world. In fact, Formstack customers in healthcare report saving 13 hours per week using Formstack’s no-code products. What could you stand to gain from workflow efficiency? 

Want more examples of healthcare workflows? Download our latest Guide to No-Code Workflow in Healthcare for a deep dive into the templates and resources you can start using today. 


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