Vaccine Consent Form Template

Use this customizable consent template to streamline how you prepare patients to receive vaccinations.

Simplify your workflows

There’s a lot of information you need to securely capture from patients prior to receiving their vaccination. With this template, your office can quickly confirm a patient’s eligibility for vaccination and ensure they understand the follow-up procedures. Digitize your vaccine consent form workflow and eSignature process so you can distribute vaccines quickly and efficiently.

Capture eSignatures

In a pandemic world, capturing physical document signatures is a thing of the past. Limit the number of people your patients and staff come into contact with by allowing patients to sign their vaccine consent form prior to their appointment.

Automatically follow-up with patients

For vaccinations that are delivered in two doses, finding ways to remind patients of their follow-up appointment is critical. Set up one-week, two-week, and three-week email reminders for patients to ensure they schedule and receive their second dose.

Speed up approvals

Seamlessly route form submissions to your back office for review by setting up multi-step approvals. Once a form is submitted, approvers will be notified via email so they can confirm the patient’s appointment, review their medical history, and add necessary notes.

Stay HIPAA compliant

For healthcare workers, maintaining patient privacy is always top of mind. Formstack's HIPAA compliant forms can ease some of this worry by giving you the tools you need to meet security standards. Get access to powerful features for your vaccine consent form template such as encryption, audit logging, and user-level permissions.

Before, I needed a full-time developer to put in 40 hours of work to build a registration form and integrate it. Now, just about anyone in the company can build a form and deploy it.
Kevin Howell
IT Director of CRM at AdventHealth

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