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Infographic: Managing Remote Teams - Could These Fictional Bosses Do It?

July 22, 2014
Min Read

Does the idea of leading a remote team appeal to you? You might be interested in expanding your talent pool beyond geography. Or perhaps you feel confident your production would skyrocket once you cut your lengthy commute. Remote working is full of benefits, as well as challenges. It takes a little finesse to lead these teams well.So what does it take to be a successful remote boss? We put some of your favorite fictional managers to the test in our newest infographic. Do you think Michael Scott or Don Draper could cut it in a remote team? Find out below!


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<img src="https://www.formstack.com/images/fictional-bosses-remote-teams.png" alt="Managing Remote Teams"><br><a href="https://www.formstack.com/infographics/fictional-bosses-remote-teams">Can 5 Fictional Bosses Manage a Remote Team?</a>


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